Taking Hemp Drying Mobile: The AV8 Podcast EP 9

In this episode of the Arbor Vita8 Podcast, there’s conversation about a lot of things. Jason Sirotin, Justin Jeffries, Galen Kelly, and Sundeep Dhaliwal touch on the ongoing confusion around the legality of D8. They do a little research on the FDA’s progress at making CBD a recognized dietary supplement. They even tease Jason on his struggle with pronouncing key industry terms. The most important piece of their conversation though was on mobile drying.

You can’t move slowly with hemp

Once hemp gets harvested, you have a pretty small window to move on to the next step before putting it at risk. The longer hemp sits out in the field, the greater the chance nature will interfere. That means mold.

There are a few regular moldy culprits you need to protect your hemp plant from, including:

  • Gray Mold, which causes brown spots and gray-brown spores on buds. It can also lead to discoloration on stems.
  • White Mold, which creates brown lesions on stems that eventually shred and break the plant. You may also see white, fluffy growth.
  • Powdery Mildew, which damages leaves by leaving behind white, powder-like spots.

If the roots are still attached to your plants, even they’re at risk if left out in the field too long. Root Rot not only causes dry brown rot in the roots, but can impact stems and buds.

To avoid the mold, you need to dry your hemp quickly one you’ve harvested it.

Have a drying plan

Waiting until the last minute to decide how to dry your hemp crop is the wrong way to go about it. This is something you should plan out well in advance of harvest. It’s not too early to set up your drying process right after your seeds go into the ground.

If your plan is to hang dry, on site, make sure you have enough room to manage your entire crop. Plants should hang so they’re not touching. You also need a space where you’re able to control light and temperature. Hemp dries best in a dark room with temperatures staying around 60 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels remaining constant between 55-60 percent.

If you decide transporting your hemp to a processor is the best option, scheduling that early ensures they’ll have space to accommodate your entire crop. You also want to consider baling procedures and whether you’ll need help with that. At Arbor Vita8, we can advise you on the best way to prepare your hemp for transport to our facility and even come pick it up for you.

Another option, that’s newer, with plenty of benefits, is mobile drying. This is where a drying machine comes to you, and does the work on location. This gets your hemp dried fast, often at a lower price, without having to work out the logistics of transporting freshly-harvested hemp or of finding space on your property to hang dry. You also won’t have to bale your hemp.

Mobile hemp drying with Arbor Vita8

A recently added service to the vast collection Arbor Vita8 offers, our mobile hemp drying machines are cost effective and efficient. No matter where you live, we can deliver our mobile hemp drying systems to you for an added convenience in the whole hemp process.
You have the option to lease the machine and either manage everything yourself, or hire a professional through AV8 to help you complete the process. We also sell our mobile hemp drying systems. Using a mobile hemp dryer costs around $2 per pound with the biggest operational expense being the propane that powers the entire system. Costs will vary based on a variety of elements, including the moisture content of the hemp, so contact Arbor Vita8 for a quote.


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