GARY WALKER - Head of Gardens & Genetics

Gary Walker Greenstone Partner Arbor Vita8

Gary is a sustainable practice specialist focusing on productivity improvement, environmental impact reduction, and innovation implementation within the horticultural and agricultural industries. Gary is the previous owner and lead grower of a successful organic farm, in Roswell, Georgia. During his ownership, Gary implemented sustainable practices, including scientifically supported techniques from both biodynamic and conventional farming approaches to ensure high-quality plants with above-average yields. In 2016, Gary transitioned his outdoor organic growing experience to the great indoors. Gary served as a consultant to cannabis companies looking to increase profitability, regulatory compliance, operations, sustainability, and involvement with the local community.

For the past two years, Gary has managed a Research and Development facility in Denver, Colorado for an agricultural technology company focusing on increasing commercial cannabis productivity. Additionally, Gary designs cannabis facilities for workflow optimization with a focus on biosecurity in order to increase profit margins within commercial cultivation centers. 

Lastly, Gary has focused on developing standard operating procedures within the cannabis sector in order to reduce labor costs and increase systematic automated procedures. 



Head of Gardens & Genetics

GARY WALKER - Head of Genetics & Gardens

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