Terpenes Vs Terpenoids: Is There A Difference

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Welcome back! This is the latest blog and video collaboration with our good friend Riley Dee. Today, we compare and contrast terpenes vs terpenoids. These are aspects of cannabis produced during the cultivation of the plant. Each molecule represents something different. Read on below to learn more!

Curious to learn more about Cannabis? Head over to Riley Dee’s Tik Tok account and take your pick! Her library of clips have more information than your average book! Interested in hemp? Then you’re in the right place. Please browse the rest of our site. You’ll find an endless supply of information, products, and service. Without further ado, let’s talk terpenes and terpenoids!

Terpenes: What Are They?

Have you ever gotten a fresh batch of cannabis flower and took a whiff? That mesmerizing smell? That’s caused by terpenes! These come from the same place as our famous cannabinoids. Once produced, these don’t only give the plant the smell. It’s even also responsible for their taste!

So how did these awesome oils first come about. It’s actually a pretty interesting story! They are an evolutionary product. They’re meant to keep scavengers away. They also draw sources of pollination! Each plant has its own unique grouping of terpenes.

What Do Terpenes Do?

While they are most famous for the impact on smell and taste, this is only the beginning. Terpenes are actually responsible for so much more than that! They can actually dictate the impact that the plant will have when used.

In certain cases, this could mean anti-anxiety. It could also mean supporting concentration. As we stated in a previous article, these effects can be heavily impacted by the entourage effect. This refers to how terpenes and other cannabinoids work in unison upon consumption. This can make for a unique effect that varies from individual plant to plant.

Terpenes Vs Terpenoids: How Different Are They?

So how much do terpenes contrast from terpenoids? Well, in terms of impact, not much. Both are responsible for giving cannabis its taste and smell. And both are equally susceptible to the entourage effect. So that means they’re the same, right? Wrong!

In Riley’s words, “they’re actually slightly different.” That’s because terpenes “only have carbons and hydrogens in this molecule. It’s commonly found in citrus.” Terpenoids, on the other hand, “contain an oxygen atom. And therefore, it is not a hyrdocarbon.” Even though this difference is true, it doesn’t always warrant being corrected.

Arbor Vita8 & Riley Dee

Did you enjoy the video? As stated, there are plenty more where that came from on Riley’s Tik Tok page! You can also look at some of our earlier entries on terpene profiles and the entourage effect. There’s literally no shortage of relevant information!

For all of your hemp needs and inquiries, be sure to check out the rest of site! From seed to sale, Arbor Vita8 is your hemp partner. Our large network of associates are on hand to assist in every possible aspect of hemp. Contact us today to learn more!

Clip Transcript

Riley Dee:
The next few videos are going to focus on talking about terpenes, these other super important molecules in cannabis. And I thought, what better place to talk about it than the greenhouse? Plants are the most infamous creators of them, but humans and even bacteria can produce them as well. They’re typically small, very volatile compounds, so they evaporate really easily, so we can smell them really easily. When you get a new bag of cannabis and you say, “Hey dude, smell this,” you’re smelling the terpene profile.

Now you might’ve heard the terms terpene and terpenoid used interchangeably, but they’re actually slightly different. For instance, limonene is a terpene. It only has carbons and hydrogens in this molecule, and it’s commonly found in citrus. But linalool is actually a terpenoid because it contains an oxygen atom, and therefore it is not a hydrocarbon.


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