The phenomenon known as “THC induced hypothermia” was recognized when cannabis users started noticing they were becoming more and more cold the more cannabis they used. Were they just imagining it? Is there a reason for it? Luckily, Riley explains and helps us understand what exactly is going on in our bodies to cause this cold sensation.

TRPV1 Receptor

The TRPV1 receptor is triggered due to hot or warm environments. For example, when it’s a very hot day outside, the heat will trigger the TRPV1 receptor which then lets your body know that it’s overheating and your body cools itself down. While this receptor is triggered by heat, it is also triggered by cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. This means that when the THC from cannabis is consumed, the TRPV1 receptor will be triggered and tricked into thinking your body is beginning to overheat. Your body will cool itself down, causing “THC induced hypothermia.”

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