The Benefits of CBD for Senior Citizens

Sixty-five doesn’t feel as old as it used to. And although you become eligible for Medicare at this point, many senior citizens aren’t about to slow down.

Refusing to be complacent with getting older, staying active and keeping abreast of trends most likely means encountering CBD. It’s not only one of the latest developments in healthcare and wellness, but its specific chemical makeup may make it particularly effective for those 65 and over.

It’s time to move past the stigma that “grass” carries with it, and start exploring your options as senior citizens when it comes to hemp. We’re not talking about ‘that’ kind of cannabis here.

The difference between marijuana and hemp

Yes, the kind of cannabis that gets a person high and the kind CBD gets extracted from are the same plant. All the same compounds are within each as they grow, but it’s the quantities of one in particular that changes the label.

It’s possible to experience the benefit of hemp without THC getting in the way.

For a hemp plant to be legal in the U.S., it can’t have more than 0.3 percent THC. Since this is the cannabinoid responsible for making people feel high, the tiny amount in hemp means this sensation isn’t part of the experience.

If ingesting THC of any kind makes you uncomfortable, there’s also a wide array of T-Free products on the market today, which contain zero THC. This means the THC that naturally occurs in hemp gets removed during processing. It’s also tested to ensure you’re not putting any THC into your body.

All that said, even within the hemp plant, there are different extracts one can use to create products. CBD is the most popular. It’s the most widely-used and the cannabinoid that has undergone the most study. While it’s still not an FDA-approved supplement, it’s legal to use.

Everyone’s experience with CBD is different, so you might notice a variety of benefits occurring when you use it yourself. Based on what other seniors are saying, here’s how CBD might prove helpful to you.

Less inflammation

CBD often gets mentioned in conjunction with pain relief because it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. The properties within the cannabinoid may help soothe achy muscles and joints from everyday strain, but also potentially help with arthritis and nerve pain.

To see if you experience a benefit like this from CBD, the best way to try it is to apply it topically, with a cream, balm, or lotion.

Pressure relief

We’re specifically talking about eye pressure here, the kind that comes from glaucoma. This neurodegenerative disease impacts sight as a result of increased pressure in the eye. Seventy-five percent of people who are legally blind because of glaucoma are senior citizens.

Research going back decades has discovered a correlation between those with glaucoma who use CBD and a reduction in intraocular pressure (IoP). Specific data even shows up to 25 percent pressure relief in some cases. In most studies, participants who take CBD sublingually, by placing a few drops under the tongue, experience the best results.

While not everyone who has glaucoma goes blind, they almost all experience the kind of pressure CBD may help relieve.

Sleep support

As some age, it gets harder and harder to get a full night’s rest. The body naturally craves less sleep, but that doesn’t mean you wake up feeling well-rested. Those who struggle with insomnia or other sleep issues may turn to CBD for help. Some even prefer using CBN, another cannabinoid within hemp, that may impact this particular issue even better.

For those who it helps, CBD is a great alternative to sleeping pills, which are often habit-forming, with side effects. CBD may help you sleep deeper for longer. This can, in turn, improve your health and possibly reduce your risk for age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s.

To see if CBD, or CBN, works for you as a sleep aid, try ingesting it close to bedtime either by taking a capsule, or using a tincture.

Appetite stimulant

Since it’s possible, as we age, to lose our appetite, having an all-natural appetite stimulant can come in pretty handy. This potential function of CBD can also help seniors suffering from illnesses, or undergoing treatments, that cause a loss of appetite. Something like chemotherapy is a prime example.

For some, CBD works to stimulate the appetite, helping seniors maintain a healthy weight, stay sharper, and keep their bones and muscles in better condition. Grab a jar of CBD gummies for a discreet way to try out CBD and see if it can help your appetite improve.

The list of possibilities goes on

The possible ways CBD can help senior citizens improve or maintain their health continue to increase. Research progresses, and connections between CBD and bone health, heart health, Parkinson’s, mood, anxiety, and more are all under investigation.

Staying on top of new developments may mean you find a reason to want to give CBD a try. When you’re ready, visit the online store at Arbor Vita8. We offer an array of CBD and other hemp-derived products that are easy to take. They’re also discreet, allowing you to enjoy them without having to answer a lot of questions about what you’re taking and why.

From topical products to those you can mix with food to those you swallow like any old pill, Arbor Vita8 has you covered. Visit us online today to learn more.


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