The Best Lip Balm You’ve Never Tried Contains CBD

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By Noah Chen

Nobody likes having dry, chapped lips. That’s why we have such a huge lip balm industry. Whatever your preferred product is, there are plenty of options when it comes to the temporary cure for this nuisance. Still, there’s a chance everyone has done it wrong all these years because your lip balm is missing CBD.

A match made in heaven 

One of the reasons CBD is so popular is because it has a lot of medicinal and recreational potential. This potential has already led to the compound appearing more frequently in both the cosmetics and skin care industries. Including it in lip balm then feels more like a natural progression. It’s already sort of makeup and definitely takes care of the skin on your lips. 

CBD and lip balm are a perfect pair for many reasons, but mostly because your body can benefit from the cannabinoid at the same time the other ingredients in lip balm are hard at work. Think of this as the next level in lip care. The cannabinoid adds an extra boost with a lot of potential.

CBD lip balm on the surface

Everyone is familiar with the stinging and burning that comes with having chapped lips. Using lip balm is often done to soothe this pain through ingredients like aloe.. One of CBD’s properties, experienced by many users, is its anti-inflammatory capabilities, which means it works extra hard to calm the skin and negate pain.

All of this happens alongside the other ingredients within standard lip balm, those that help moisturize chapped lips, helping the skin heal and replenish.

CBD lip balm as a restorative

Another reason CBD works so well within lip balm is its ability to control free radicals. These are basically the molecules that break down your skin. The more we’re out in the sun, the more we accumulate free radicals. The more free radicals we have, the faster our skin ages, since these little buggers can increase the visible effects of getting older.

One of the best counters to free radicals are antioxidants. And, wouldn’t you know it, CBD is chock full of them. Applying CBD lip balm may help slow down the emergence of noticeable lines around your lips even as it helps repair chapped and damaged skin.

CBD lip balm and my lips

For those thinking they’ll use CBD lip balm to help chapped lips but also experience some of the physical benefits of the cannabinoid, you might need a different approach. Because you apply it topically, it never enters your bloodstream. You may notice physical effects on your lips and skin, but it won’t calm your nerves or convey any of the recreational benefits of CBD. For those, consider a CBD tincture, capsule, or edible.

Healthy lips and so much more

Did you know that CBD comes in many forms including those you can eat, smoke, or apply to your skin? Each one makes for a unique experience. For the highest-quality CBD products, visit the online store at Arbor Vita8. We won’t sell anything we aren’t comfortable using ourselves, so only offer superior, competitively priced, third-party tested products. Come and do a little online shopping and see which product is right for you.


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