The Bioavailability of Nano Cannabinoids

Bioavailability is a big, but important word when it comes to hemp and nano cannabinoids. In fact, it might be the most important word when you ask manufacturers, and even consumers, about what they want in a hemp-derived product.

The basic definition of bioavailability revolves around absorption. It’s the proportion a substance gets absorbed by the body once it’s introduced into the circulatory system. This directly impacts how quickly it can have an active effect. In simpler terms, bioavailability in hemp means the rate at which you start to feel any effects after you’ve ingested it.

Nano cannabinoids increase the bioavailability of hemp, because when you’re talking about absorption, size does matter, and the smaller the better.

Size and bioavailability go hand-in-hand

While it’s true, you may feel certain effects from cannabinoids however you decide to consume them, when the molecules get really small, everything can happen faster.

With nano emulsification cannabinoid particles get broken down to a tiny size. They end up between 10-200 nano-meters. This is much smaller than the particles are in their original size.

At this reduced size, the body is able to absorb the cannabinoids much faster. There’s less to break down as it moves through the body.

It’s all about the digestive tract

Absorption happens faster with nano cannabinoids because of how the digestive tract works. Think of it like a sifter a child would use in a sandbox. They scoop up some sand, with tiny bits of gravel mixed in, and shake it. The sand flows through without much effort, but the gravel may not ever make it.

Nano cannabinoids are the sand.

What increased bioavailability does

Having the ability to absorb any cannabinoid faster, when it comes to hemp, means less time to wait until you feel the possible effects. These vary based on individual consumer experience, and which cannabinoid they’re using.

Less of the good stuff gets lost

Faster absorption means less of the original particles get lost in transition. A larger particle gets chipped away at as it passes through the body. The stomach, intestines, and liver can’t absorb it as is, so vital components go to waste along the way.

This isn’t an issue with a nano cannabinoid. Its increased bioavailability means the particle is already the right size for absorption. The process starts right away.

Having this ability may reveal even more potential benefits to hemp’s cannabinoids. Faster absorption can lead to a different, more powerful effect for those who use it.

You get more

Another benefit with faster absorption, and a quicker timeframe for the cannabinoid to take effect, connects to consumer experience. They may not need as much to have the same experience, making it possible to give consumers less without it impacting the results.

Nano cannabinoids are also easier to measure out in exact doses. This makes them even more effective for consumers who want a consistent experience.

Nano is water-compatible

It may not seem like this plays into bioavailability, but as a water-compatible product, nano water or powders mix completely in liquids. This allows you to enhance any beverage with a fast-acting, easily-digested hemp product.

Drinking your hemp ups the bioavailability even more. Liquids make it through your digestive system much faster because there’s less to break down. Water can get through your stomach in less than 20 minutes, but oils and other fats can take more than a day to get completely broken down.

When you want a product that gets results

Nano emulsions are a great way to put a product on the shelf consumers want. That’s all thanks to bioavailability. It ensures the body can absorb nano cannabinoids faster. It helps the body feel the potential effects of nano cannabinoids faster. And, nano cannabinoids mix so well in so many products, all without changing the taste or consistency.
With so many positives associated with nano cannabinoids, what’s stopping you from trying them out? Contact Arbor Vita8 today to learn more about bulk ordering and how you can use nano cannabinoids in your next hemp-derived product line.


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