The Dangers of Illicit Hemp: A Journal Review

Arbor Vita8 is back with its Journal Review series. Today, we’re examining a study published on January 12th, 2017. The authors explored various health outcomes from the use of cannabis and cannabinoids. One subject of note, though, was the risks that come with illicit hemp.

It’s important to note that this study came out a year prior to the federal legalization of hemp. As such, there’s been a ton of strides in regulation, increasing access to safe cannabinoids. Naturally, the adjacent marijuana industry deals with this a lot given its legal status. But the study’s finding begs the question: is all hemp created equal?

Protect Your Health From Bad Hemp

Even though hemp products are far more accessible across the country these days, that doesn’t mean each product carries the same benefits. In fact, as the study notes, ill found cannabinoids can pose a huge threat to one’s health.

“Most frequent natural contaminants consist of degradation products… fungi, bacteria, and heavy metals. Growth enhancers and pest control chemicals are the most common risks to both the producer and the consumer.” Exposure to these elements can be a huge detriment both sooner and later. These aren’t the only concerns when it comes to illicit hemp. Several black market suppliers have intentionally treated their products with harmful additives.

Sourcing Quality Products From Arbor Vita8

This willingness to cut corners has led to health issues for a range of unknowing consumers. “This… entails adding substances… [like] tiny glass beads [and] lead to increase the weight of the cannabis product. [Some also add] psychotropic substances… [like] tobacco [and] calamus… to enhance the efficacy of low-quality cannabis or… alleviate its side effects.

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