The Pharmacology Of CBG: AV8 Journal Review

Do you ever find yourself looking for scholarly support when discussing cannabinoids? Same here, which is why we post weekly recaps of favorite credible journal articles on hemp. Today’s subject? The pharmacology of cannabigerol. CBG is a cannabinoid that’s grown a lot in popularity in recent years.

The article, released in February of 2021, explores the true value of CBG in the medical space. You can read it in full here. While not as popular as some of its counterparts, it’s still been getting a lot of attention. Please remember that while we can’t make medical claims, these help clear up a lot of existing confusion among the general public. 

Breaking Down CBG

As the article notes, “Cannabigerol (CBG), serves as the precursor molecule for the most abundant phytocannabinoids. While it’s somewhat comparable to other cannabinoids, it also carries some new properties. “Studies indicate that CBG may have therapeutic potential in treating neurological disorders… and inflammatory bowel disease, as well as having antibacterial activity.”

As such, this is why it is now being eyed for more “commercial use.” That said, the empirical study of CBG is even further behind than CBD. This looks to change as federal restrictions have been fully lifted on hemp in the states. Still, it will take some time before the amount of studies needed to break ground occur. 

The Future of Cannabigerol

So what’s the verdict on the pharmacology of cannabigerol. The conclusion of this study found some promising and alarming results. “In particular, given the potent bioactivity CBG displays in a number of settings, we should be very cautious about releasing it in an unregulated retail environment.” 

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