The Potential Issues That CBD Balm Addresses

Even as we continue to learn about how CBD impacts the body, many consumers are finding it useful enough to use regularly. This has led to the popularity of a variety of products, enabling users to consume it as a liquid, as a food, in a capsule, and even apply it topically. Is it true that CBD Balm addresses certain issues?

Even without CBD in them, balms are thicker than lotions. They’re great at hydrating skin and providing a protective layer as it heals, calms, and moisturizes.

Often a final step in one’s skincare regimen, balms already have a strong reputation. Add in CBD, and you’ve got a product that may target even more issues.

Why CBD may work as a topical product

When we ingest CBD, it enters our bloodstream and moves through the entire body. It may hit the areas where you need it most, it may miss a few. Everyone experiences different benefits when they ingest CBD, and most products you eat or drink have different rates of absorption.

With topical CBD, it’s all about how the cannabinoid interacts with the receptors in your skin and nearby muscles. If CBD balm addresses something, it’ll likely on the surface of your body. This means it has potential to help with certain skin conditions, and also with localized pain or soreness.

Potential issues where CBD balm may help

Thinking about CBD balm differently than you do the CBD you eat or drink is the best way to get to know the possibilities of this particular product. If you suffer from any of these conditions, consider giving it a try to see if it works for you.

Arthritis inflammation

CBD is already known as an anti-inflammatory, so using it topically may help target soreness. Consider the joint pain associated with many types of arthritis. If you take aspirin, you have to wait for the medication to travel to the sore site before you feel relief. Applying a topical solution could speed up the process.

Some consumers already using CBD balm on spots experiencing arthritis pain have reported a reduction in soreness. Some even notice an easing of inflamed joints.

Rosacea flare-ups

Applying CBD balm won’t heal rosacea, but it may prove useful in reducing the uncomfortable symptoms of this skin condition. Things like irritation, redness, and even swelling, are all side-effects users have reported getting some relief from when using CBD balm.

Psoriasis patches

Whether it’s the balm itself or a combination of it and CBD, anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD balm may help. It has the potential to relive the dry, irritated skin that’s par for the course for psoriasis sufferers. There are even studies looking into how CBD may impact the skin condition overall. There’s a possibility it could slow the overgrowth of skin cells which causes psoriasis in the first place.

Dry and cracked skin

While not a chronic condition, certain times of the year make it much more likely our skin will dry out and even crack. This isn’t just painful and itchy, but unsightly as well. Applying CBD balm may help speed up the time necessary for your skin to heal. Users note it often does more than moisturize. They’ve found the CBD also soothes irritation in certain instances.

You can also look for CBD lip balm to address the same issues on your lips. This can come in handy all winter long, when it’s the driest outside.

Acne outbreaks

Nobody likes pimples. While there are plenty of products out there that address the issue, CBD may eventually join the ranks. Studies are still under way, but current evidence suggests that CBD may help regulate the production of sebum, the oil that causes acne when it’s overproduced. CBD balm may also help keep your pores clear and your skin free from bacteria, which can reduce the spread of acne.

Try CBD balm to see how it works for you

Although many users find that CBD balm addresses their skin conditions, you’ll only know if it works for you if you try it yourself. The secret is finding high-quality balm so you know you’re using the best. At Arbor Vita8, our Full Spectrum CBD Balm contains CBD from hemp naturally grown in the U.S. It has a 70 percent absorption rate, which helps you get the full benefits from the CBD. Additional ingredients are all-natural and include things like camphor oil, menthol, clove and eucalyptus, which are all known to soothe skin.

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