The US Hemp Authority: The Certification Process

It may seem strange to think of a U.S. Hemp Authority being out there when hemp was illegal just a few short years ago. But, times are a-changin’. This independent organization is rapidly becoming important to the entire hemp industry.

This is primarily because, without the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) putting its stamp on hemp, there’s currently nobody certifying the quality and purity of hemp. That creates inconsistencies across products going to market. This includes the biomass and extracts manufacturers are buying as well as actual products consumers see on store shelves.

Since not all hemp-derived products are created equally, there’s a huge need for quality checks and purity proof. Here’s how the U.S. Hemp Authority gets the job done.

When an industry polices itself

While it sounds very official, the U.S. Hemp Authority is not a government-run organization. It’s actually a way for the industry to police itself, ensuring there’s consistency in quality across hemp-derived products. It’s a smart move since uniformity right now is extremely inconsistent. .This puts consumers at risk of getting a crappy product and becoming discouraged with what’s out there.

The certification that the U.S. Hemp Authority provides adds credibility to your brand. It also enables a third-party source of review. This puts most trust in the quality of your product. It also gives the industry a check when it comes to labelling. There has been a continued lack of transparency and truthfulness when it comes to labelling within the industry. Holding brands accountable, even if all aren’t seeking certification, can have a big impact.

The benefits of proven quality

Certification is voluntary. However, opting in allows you to prove yourself across all aspects of hemp production. The standards within the certification program include:

  • Strict production requirements
  • Hemp purity and sourcing standards
  • Staff training, and safety codes
  • Storage, labeling, and shipping regulations

You’re also able to demonstrate, without a doubt, that you’re compliant with all applicable regulations in addition to using best practices when it comes to farming, processing, and manufacturing.

Essentially, certification sets you apart from the competition. It helps consumers feel confident in purchasing your products over ones that haven’t yet received certification.

How certification and licensing works

To become certified with the U.S. Hemp Authority you should first review the standards that qualify you for certification. You can then apply for an audit through FoodChain ID. There’s an application to complete, and a review process, before you can actually schedule the audit.

Once you complete your licensing agreement, after any post-audit issues get resolved, you’re able to use the U.S. Hemp Authority Seal® on your products.


Of course, certification isn’t a free service. It’s something you’ll need to budget for once you decide you’d like to have it. There are two pricing areas, so you’ll need to pay an inspection fee and a certification fee. All told, expect the certification process to cost you, on average, between $1,000-$2,000.

Certificates are good for a single year, so to maintain it, you’ll have to get an annual audit and pay the fees again.

Proof of our hard work

Even though Arbor Vita8 has always upheld high quality standards at every stage of the hemp process, having a certification option like this is a way for companies like us to tell the world of our good work. It’s also a way to demand consistency across the entire industry. This means less risk of our superior products getting grouped into a lesser-quality category.

What else to watch for

Along with the stamp of approval from the U.S. Hemp Authority, there are certain other ways to gauge the quality of a hemp product. It all starts with transparency, something Arbor Vita8 places as a high priority. We share where our hemp comes from. We already third-party test our products. And, we don’t hide our list of ingredients. To learn more, come check out our online store. See what we mean when we talk quality, try an Arbor Vita8 hemp product today.


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