Top 3 DIY Beauty Recipes with Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is already making waves in the cosmetics industry. You can find it listed as an ingredient in a variety of products. Even though hemp oil is popping up in a lot of places, it’s still one product you can buy on your own. You can also use it for some fun DIY beauty recipes at home.

Going DIY when it comes to beauty recipes gives you complete control of what’s in the products. You can be sure only natural ingredients get used, and feel confident that only the best hemp oil gets added into the mix.

Ready to get creating? Here are some DIY beauty recipes to get your started.

1. Cuticle oil

With all the hand washing we’ve been doing lately, it’s only natural our skin and nail beds are drying out. Whether it’s from excessive washing or cold, dry weather, sometimes simple hand lotion just won’t do it.

Treat your cuticles and nails to something special with hemp oil and a few extra ingredients. On its own, hemp oil could do the trick, but toss in some Vitamin E oil to soften cuticles, and a few other ingredients to strengthen nails, and you’ve got an all-in-one product.

Use equal parts hemp oil, sesame oil, apricot kernel oil, and jojoba oil. About one teaspoon each will make plenty of cuticle oil. Then, add in a quarter teaspoon of Vitamin E oil to round things out.

2. Body butter

Already labeled as a moisturizing ingredient by beauty product experts, hemp oil goes into overdrive when paired with shea butter. Toss in an antifungal agent, and your body butter becomes the perfect remedy for dry, cracked skin.

This DIY project is a little more labor-intensive, but well worth it. Collect two tablespoons of unrefined shea butter and one-and-a-half tablespoons of oat oil, hemp oil, and beeswax pellets.

Combine everything in a double boiler set to low heat and let it melt. Once fully melted and mixed together, pour into an airtight tin and let cool with the lid off. You can use it once it’s cool, then easily store it until you need it again.

3. Hair mask

Since this DIY beauty recipe contains fresh produce, you’ll want to make it shortly before you decide to use it, and not hold on to any leftovers. Thankfully, it’s not too hard to do, and is a perfect way to treat your hair over the weekend, when you have a little extra time.

A hemp oil hair mask will not only condition your hair, but nourishes your scalp. It can provide a little extra protection when you, and your hair, are out in the world, making it less susceptible to damage from pollution. You’ll also most likely notice a better shine to your hair.

To make, you need one half of an avocado mashed together with a teaspoon of hemp oil and coconut oil. That’s it. Then you apply it to your hair until it’s fully coated from top to tip. Leave it in for 30 minutes, then rinse out.

Why hemp in beauty products works

Hemp oil has so much potential when it comes to the beauty industry thanks to a few specific features. Hemp oil is high in Vitamin E, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids. It’s also vegetarian and vegan. Today, hemp oil is widely used as a moisturizing agent, but is also promoted because of its potential benefits as:

  • An acne remover
  • A sensitive skin soother
  • A wrinkle reducer
  • A puffiness controller
  • A remedy for dryness

Creating your own beauty products with hemp oil is a great way to see what benefits you may experience using the ingredient.

Superior hemp is hard to find

There are a lot of hemp oils out there, but they’re not all the same. Make sure when you shop for hemp oil to use in your DIY projects you know how to spot the posers among the champs. Look for products that are transparent about the source of their oil, break down what percentage of cannabinoids are in the oil, and use third-party testing for quality. This all makes a difference.

At Arbor Vita8, quality is our passion, and we won’t sell any hemp products that we wouldn’t use at home ourselves. To see what we mean, visit our online store today.


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