Topicals And Drug Tests: Featuring Riley Kirk

The number of products that hemp enhances includes a variety of areas. Today, we discuss the impact of topical CBD for “localized pain and inflammation.” Many have now heard at least something about the benefits of hemp. But the stigma associated with its historical restrictions often leads to pressing questions. Namely, what’s the link between topicals and drug tests?

As you may imagine, the answer is complex. It all depends on a number of variables, each of which we cover below. Our good friend Riley Kirk of TikTok fame once again joins us to discuss.

The thicker the skin, the longer the travel

“The skin in different parts of your body are different thicknesses. The skin on your arm is about four times as thick as the skin on your face.” That means there’s less distance for CBD to travel on your face than on your arm. As such, the benefits will soak in quicker there than on the latter.

Also, penetration enhancers are a common tool for sourcing CBD. Some may fear this penetration will trigger a positive on a drug test. We understand; no one wants their stability threatened for simply seeking pain relief. We’re happy to report that penetration does not allow it entry into the bloodstream. This is what it would take to trigger any unfavorable results from a drug test. This also stops you from feeling any stereotypical “high” effects. All of this speaks to the link between topicals and drug tests.

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Many thanks to our friend Riley for her always engaging perspective. Check out her massive library of clips for more fun takes on hemp. Looking for hemp services? Reach out to us on our contact page today! Our extensive network of equipment, providers, and products are sure to meet any hemp need.


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