Trials to Start Testing Link Between Hemp and COVID-19

HEMP AND COVID-19 | With the recent news sharing information from a study that hemp could help prevent you from getting COVID-19, things are on the fast track. Everyone wants to see what this development could mean.

This breaking news came out of Oregon State University. The team of researchers, helmed by Richard van Breeman, continues to charge forward.

What comes next?

Once actionable data gets shared by a research team, the next step is preclinical trials. These happen between a cell culture or animal models to test results. Humans are not part of the tests.

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requires these trials happen first before human clinical trials get the green light.

Preclinical trials prove the efficacy of any discovery. In this case, it’s that certain hemp compounds may prevent you from catching COVID-19. Specifically, CBGA and CBDA show promise in stopping the virus that causes COVID from entering human cells.

When will human trials start?

Shortly after preclinical trials are complete, assuming the evidence supports van Breeman and his team’s initial findings, human trials can begin. At this point, an effective delivery method for the hemp cannabinoids will get selected.

Since the compounds can’t get heated or processed to work properly, capsules are most likely the best route for consumption. Taking the compounds orally will also yield the strongest results.

The work has already begun

Partnering with the team at OSU, one hemp manufacturer is already producing capsules that will most likely be a part of the trials. Containing the right combination of compounds, should they prove effective, this could create a new revenue stream for everyone in the hemp industry.

Hemp and wellness

Already a player in a variety of medical studies, the possibilities of hemp’s potential in the health and wellness field is vast. Other medications using hemp are being tested, but so far, the FDA has only approved a few.

Epidolex, which contains a purified form of CBD, is available by prescription only. It treats seizures associated with either Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome.

Three other drugs, using synthetic, cannabis-related products also made the FDA’s approval list.

Marinol and Syndros can treat nausea associated with cancer chemotherapy and anorexia associated with weight loss in AIDS patients. These medications contain a synthetic form of Delta-9, otherwise known as THC.

Cesamet also treats nausea associated with cancer chemotherapy. It contains a different hemp compound though. Nabilone is synthetically-derived, with a chemical structure that’s similar to THC.

Although you may experience possible health benefits from other hemp-derived products, only those approved by the FDA are evaluated for safety, efficacy, and quality. This means they’ll most likely prove effective to more people and provide a safe and consistent dose. Those not approved can have unpredictable results and end up being a greater risk to your health than a help.

Always consult a medical professional before using a hemp-derived product to treat an ailment or illness.

Where do we go from here?

From here, we must sit tight and wait to see what the future holds for hemp and COVID. The idea of being able to swallow a daily capsule and feel even more protected from this pandemic is most likely appealing to many. But, without the proper trials, we can’t be certain it will work.

Until the results are in, we wait.
However, you don’t have to wait in the dark. Keep visiting the robust resource center at Arbor Vita8 for the latest news on all things hemp. We strive to keep our fingers on the pulse of this ever-changing industry to best support farmers and manufacturers. Contact us today to learn more.


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