Trichomes: The Most Important Part of Hemp?

It’s no secret that hemp carries a host of benefits. From seed to stalk to plant, there’s no shortage of positive effects. But is there a pecking order to these features? Is one stronger or more effective than its fellow traits? As Riley notes in the clip, a strong case can be made for trichomes and its attributes.

That’s not to take any shine away from hemp’s laundry list of other advantages. Without terpenes, you wouldn’t have those intoxicating aromas. Without other parts, options for hurd, bast, or fiber would be obsolete. But, there’s something about trichomes that make them stand out amongst the crowd.

What’s so special about trichomes?

Riley doesn’t mince words when stating the value of trichomes. “This alien looking structure is arguably the most important part of the plant.” Trichomes filter every other compound that provides hemp with its properties. These “protect [the plant] from predation and UV damage.”

So just where can you find these powerhouses? You may think you need some high res magnifier to see them. However, you’ve likely seen them many times over without even knowing it. Ever noticed “crystals and frost” on a cannabis plant? Those are trichomes!

Riley Kirk & Arbor Vita8

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