Twelve Hemp Uses You Didn’t Know About

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By Noah Chen

Some days it seems like there’s nothing new under the sun. Then, you start reading about all the hundreds of hemp uses, and it makes your head spin. Sure, humanity has been working with the plant for thousands of years, but even with the collective headstart from history, modern inventors and hemp enthusiasts continue to find new uses for the ancient plant. 

Here are twelve surprising uses for the hemp plant discovered in only the past few years.


The fibrous strands of the hemp plant can become many things – including batteries. It turns out that hemp fibre is perfect for supercapacitor production, with some industry personnel claiming that using hemp fibre was a thousand percent cheaper than their non-hemp counterparts.


As it turns out, hemp is one of the plants best-suited for conversion into biofuel. Who knew that the plant that becomes clothing, food, and shelter is also one of the most efficient biofuel sources. 

Body lotion

The hemp plant is full of antioxidants and vitamins that help the skin flourish. The hemp plant has been turned into lotions that fight acne, dry skin, and help complexions shine. 


Hempcrete is easy to make and has several benefits over its traditional counterpart. It is lighter, for one, but also more insulated, meaning hempcrete structures may stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than normal concrete structures. 


Sustainability has been the name of the game for many companies moving forward, and for good reason. This is the only planet we have, so we best make it last. Enter hemp plastic products. Biodegradable hemp plastics could replace the plastic used in many products, and at a fraction of their environmental impact.

Protein powder

The seeds from the hemp plant aren’t only delicious, but chock full of protein as well. Ground hemp seeds make the perfect base for an all-natural protein boost that is sure to keep those sweet gains coming in. 


You most likely already know that hemp and fabric go together. You can make a variety of clothing from materials like hemp wool, but you can also make shoes. Hemp shoes are sturdy, stylish, and can last longer than similar shoes due to the hemp plant’s increased durability. 


Not to be outshone by the seeds or the flower, hemp fiber has an astonishing array of uses. Some chic clothing companies are even making glasses with hemp fiber frames. 

Tattoo ink 

Ink made from hemp has grown in popularity for several reasons, a fascinating one being it can make for a natural, even beneficial tattoo ink. The antioxidants in hemp may make a tattoo heal faster. Additionally, buying hemp ink can insure your ink is coming from sustainable and safe sources. 


Did you know that hemp oil can be the perfect wood finisher? It is one of the few plant oils that dries without going rancid, and can turn old pieces of wood into gleaming treasures. 

Veggie patties

Replace black beans or quinoa with hemp seeds next time you’re making veggie patties. Again, the high-protein count for these seeds make them a great ingredient in so many different foods.

Yoga pants

When treated right, you can spin hemp into luxurious, form-fitting yoga leggings. If you’re looking for a natural yoga legging that will maintain its form, hemp may be the fabric of choice.

The world of hemp is wide 

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