Types Of Pain: A Review From Riley Kirk

Hemp and cannabis are often used for a number of reasons. There’s no shortage of anecdotes from users saying what the plant does for them. One of the main reasons cited? Different types of pain. That brings us to today’s blog topic!

Today’s topic is yet another selection from our good friend Riley’s Tik Tok page. As always, you can follow her here to hear all of the great information she disseminates via her channel. But first, let’s do a deep dive on the types of pain, and how some report hemp helps them.

Chronic Vs. Acute Pain

First, let’s examine the difference between the types of pain. First, there’s chronic pain. “About 20% of the world suffers from chronic pain. Over half these people are not satisfied with their current treatment option,” (Corcoran, Roche, and Finn, 2015). This kind of pain can afflict you for an extended period of time. Weeks, months, and maybe even years!

Then there’s acute pain. Riley breaks things down. “Acute pain is short lived, and has a purpose. It’s warning your body that there’s tissue damage.” Unlike chronic pain, acute is very fleeting. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still a pain, no pun intended.

Arbor Vita8

So how does hemp affect this? We’ll be honest with you. There’s still a wealth of research that needs to be done in the field. While there are countless anecdotes from people singing CBD’s praises, more empirical data is needed to make any more claims.

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