U-Pick Season: Picking Your Own Hemp?

For those who carry the fall tradition of apple picking, we have a suggestion for something new to try. If you love picking your own produce from the source, there’s now also U-Pick trips for hemp.

Hemp farms are opening up with U-Pick options across the country, from New York to Iowa to Vermont. Who’s ready to go?

Ananda Farms – Upstate New York

Located in Fulton, New York, in Oswego County, Ananda Farms is offering pick-your-own-hemp this year throughout October. This is for industrial hemp, which has a variety of uses. It’s often the base of cannabinoid extraction, i.e., CBD and CBG. But it’s also good for making textiles, construction materials, and more.

The farm supports about 8,000 plants for the U-pick service, with on-site cutters to help you harvest whole plants. You’re also able to just “pick” the cola of the plant, also known as the bud.

Costs are $45 per pound for branches and $55 per pound for whole plants. The farm offers free parking and a kids’ play area.

It’s not just the fact that you can pick your own hemp here that makes this place special. It’s also supporting a good cause. While Ananda Farms is a for-profit business, proceeds help support a non-profit offshoot that builds tiny homes for veterans.

Carriage House Hemp Farm — Oxford, Iowa

While 2021’s hemp season is already over in rural Oxford, Iowans travelled by the hundreds to Carriage House Hemp Farm. Even the farmer’s owner was on hand to help eager pickers clip and bag their own hemp.

This is one of the first farms in Iowa to attempt the U-pick system. It’s also well-known for growing strains high in CBG.

Cost is $10 per ounce of flower.

They combined their U-pick weekends with the ability for consumers to buy pre-dried, untrimmed product at $30 per ounce. Still an amazing deal considering the high cost of CBG within the market today.

Baramu Farm — Standard, Vermont

Becoming so much more than a ski destination, Vermont is now also home to U-pick hemp. At Baramu Farm, the opportunity to pick-your-own came about as a way to attract more eyes. Around 900 farms are growing hemp in Vermont today.

This application is offered over Indigenous Peoples’ Day weekend. The farm saw so much success in their latest U-pick that more dates have already been added!

Visitors were able to gather buds as well as whole plants. Whole plants cost $50 each. Buds were priced by the pound.

This multi-generational, family farm has both animals and plant crops. On the one hand, there’s a focus on organic CBD and CBG strains of hemp. Then, there’s their Tunis lamb and Hereford and Red Angus beef. This year was their third annual opportunity for pick-your-own hemp.

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