Using Clean and Green Ethanol Extraction for Hemp

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There are many ways to extract cannabinoids from hemp. Each option has its pros and cons. At Arbor Vita8, our preferred method of extraction uses ethanol.

It all began with the need to set up an extraction process that was cost-effective and safe. Our extractor, designed and built by Entexs, allows us to handle hemp at a high-volume. We then produce the best quality CBD and CBG oil and distillates for manufacturers.

The bonus, our process is also good for the world around us.

Thinking about the environment

Ethanol extraction for hemp has many benefits. It performs best when thinking about cleanliness, safety, and cost effectiveness. It’s also better for the environment.

Using ethanol extraction at Arbor Vita8 allows us to extract cannabinoids from hemp biomass the right way. It’s good for the environment, our farmers, and our manufacturers. Everybody wins!

Doing things the green way

Using ethanol extraction allows Arbor Vita8 to care for the environment while caring for our clients. With careful research into all the extraction processes, we arrived at the conclusion that ethanol was the best way to go because:

  • Ethanol presents little risk of toxicity.
  • It is the least flammable of all extraction mediums.
  • It’s also is water-soluble. It’s safer to handle and requires less dangerous machinery.
  • Ethanol is reusable, making it both a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solvent.

At Arbor Vita8, we’re able to recycle 85 percent of the ethanol used each time during extraction. This means less waste and fewer byproducts go into the environment.

Looking out for our hemp partners

Safety is our top priority when it comes to staff working in our high-end facility. However, the primary wants of our partners are different. Farmers want a partner they can trust to do right by them. They want cost-effective processes that ensure only the highest quality products result.

By using ethanol extraction, we’re able to check all these boxes. Our equipment cuts down on operational costs because the ethanol gets recycled. Our processes require minimal human contact with product. This creates a more sanitary environment as well. We also manage everything with extreme attention to detail. This ensures only the best cannabinoid oils result from our extraction machine.

Manufactures want the same end result as farmers — a superior product. But, they also care about larger issues. Their overall carbon footprint may be a major concern. Through our ethanol extraction process, we’re able to pass on a “greener” extract. This allows them to factor in our environmentally-friendly practices to their products.

Going green for the future

One other reason Arbor Vita8 opted for green ethanol extraction is our focus on the future. Hemp is an ever-changing industry, but that won’t stop people from wanting to work with businesses who take the environment seriously.

Many industries are heading toward a greener future. Hemp is already farther along than others since growing the plant itself is good for the air we breathe. At Arbor Vita8, we’re taking it one more step with an eye on future improvements. We know it’s our responsibility to think green. We want to help put hemp in the best position possible when looking toward sustainable practices.

Want to learn more about our ethanol extraction process as well as our complete seed-to-sale array of services? Our knowledgeable and experienced team are waiting to help and support you. Contact Arbor Vita8 today to learn more.


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