Using Other Cannabinoids On A T-Break

So you’ve decided you’re going on a hiatus from THC? That’s something you share in common with our good friend Dr. Riley Kirk! She’s in the middle of one now, and took some time to answer some questions about her experience. One recurring inquiry was, is it okay to use other cannabinoids on a T-break?

Dr. Riley Kirk says yes! It’s because your general hemp based cannabinoids won’t have the same impact as THC. This means you can use each “within moderation,” and still not have to worry about it interfering with your fast.

CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.

Of course the most common alternative is CBD. It can assist with a range of different areas, including pain relief, anxiety relief, sleep, and more! CBG is another worthy topic of discussion. Unlike its counterparts, Dr. Kirk notes its distinction lies in its ability to stimulate your CB1 receptor, but still not “activate [it] as much as THC does.”

CBN also is popular, particularly for those struggling with sleep. Anecdotal reports compare its effects to ashwagandha and melatonin. It’s also worthy of note that all of this applies to smokable hemp. As always, the key lies in quality and moderation.

Taming Your T-Break With Arbor Vita8

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