Vitamin C: How Does It Pair With Cannabis

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Hello all! Thanks for joining us for yet another recap of a Riley Dee cannabis informational. It is always our esteemed pleasure to provide the latest and greatest in cannabis facts. Today’s clip touches on a very well known vitamin, and the role it plays in cannabis.

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Facts On Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most necessary nutrients for many life forms. Its effects range all over the spectrum. For example, it can be a huge help to those suffering from the effects of anemia. It also can have an amazing impact on skin, keeping you looking younger and feeling healthier! It can even help with weight loss!

Even though it is in and out of the body within a day, it can still yield major benefits. It has regenerative properties that heavily impact several aspects of the human body. Some of the most historical ailments were alleviated with healthy doses of Vitamin C.

The Timeline of Vitamin C

Though the exact date is unknown, the benefits of Vitamin C were discovered centuries ago! It came to knowledge after the shipmates of old kept contracting scurvy. It’d be a while before anyone discovered a treatment for it. It wasn’t known then, but it was actually due to Vitamin C deficiency.

Once they figured it out, fruits dense in the compound were always kept on hand to combat the affliction. Vitamin C would go on to be a solid treatment for a number of diseases. To this day, it’s even seen as a huge resource in the fight against cancer!

Vitamin C and Cannabis

So what does Vitamin C have to do with Cannabis? Well, like with most claims of this sort, the jury is still out. There is simply not enough data to make a conclusive statement about how the two may interact.

That said, though, some consumers have reported some interesting effects when pairing them. Some have reported feeling as though Vitamin C lowered their tolerance. This would ultimately make for a stronger effect. Still, we cannot lawfully make such claims, and will reserve judgement for when there is more data.

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Clip Transcript

Riley Dee:
Yeah, of course. I’ve been asked this a million times. I’m actually excited to talk about it, but this is an educational channel. So, I’m not going to just tell you, “Yeah, no, that makes sense, whatever.” I’m going to instead explain the molecular mechanisms of tolerance, and then you can decide if you think vitamin C has anything to do with it.

And just so everyone’s on the same page, tolerance essentially means that your body is getting used to a drug. So, it requires more of it to facilitate the same response. The first video is going to be on receptor desensitization, and then the second video is going to be on receptor downregulation.


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