What Is CBD’s Impact on Women’s Health?

As the potential benefits of CBD get explored, tested, and researched, it’s becoming clear the compound has the possibility of being specifically good for women’s health.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural component of hemp. In its pure state, it’s also organic. These factors alone give it great appeal for many hoping to experience a range of benefits. There’s no added chemicals, no unnecessary ingredients.

CBD users often agree that they like the way CBD makes them feel. They’ll share experiences where it helps them feel more relaxed, less stressed. Some even say it helps with inflammation. 

With all these possibilities kicking off CBD’s appeal, it’s worth exploring how it can benefit women’s health.

Start with the right CBD

Before even getting into the benefits women may experience from using CBD, it’s important to note that quality can vary greatly between products. Since cannabinoid isn’t yet regulated by the FDA, there can easily be large variations in the CBD from product to product.

The best way to avoid using CBD of a lesser caliber is to do your research. Find companies willing to share where their CBD comes from. They should also be transparent about the other ingredients in their products, and whether or not they engage in third-party testing for purity (which they should.)

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For women users

While you won’t find hard evidence just yet that CBD has special benefits for women, some females have shared these experiences.

Better skin

The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD may actually help improve the quality of your skin. There’s a possible correlation between the cannabinoid and your skin’s oil-secreting glands. This could lead to less outbreaks if you suffer from adult acne or other inflammatory skin disorders.

An easier period

Women who have severe PMS or painful periods will try just about anything to ease their symptoms. Nobody likes terrible cramps, heavy bleeding, and the fatigue and irritability that comes around once every month. 

Because of the known qualities of CBD, it’s possible the compound can help lessen the severity of both the physical and emotional symptoms of the entire menstrual cycle.

If nothing else, the cannabinoid’s tendency, for some, to help reduce anxiety and improve one’s mood can make menstrual symptoms potentially easier to bear.

More sleep during menopause

One common complaint for women experiencing menopause is a lack of sleep. Yes, there are the mood changes, hot flashes, and an array of other issues, but some CBD users note that using the cannabinoid helps them rest better at night. Relieving this symptom of menopause can make the whole experience a little easier. Who wouldn’t want that?

Better management of autoimmune disease symptoms

A much larger portion of autoimmune disease sufferers are women. This includes things like diabetes, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and MS. Inflammation is a common symptom of all these diseases, and CBD may help.

Users often say CBD is a great anti-inflammatory. It’s possible, since studies have shown the compound may help suppress the production of cytokines, which can alter the body’s immune response.

Those suffering from extreme inflammation, due to an autoimmune disease, might consider giving CBD a try. It’s a non-habit-forming treatment with limited side effects for most.

CBD and women

While it’s inconclusive whether or not CBD can really help relieve common problems in women’s health, many current users support the connection. The best way to find out if CBD is right for you is to give it a try. Consider a CBD tincture or balm to help address any one of the issues above. The balm works best directly on the skin, and a tincture is a great way to ingest CBD so it starts working fast.
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