What Is Smokable Hemp?

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As a hemp farmer, it’s important to know how to convert your crop into lucrative products. Extracts like CBD and CBG are great, but don’t discount the profitability of leaving the flower whole. Smokable hemp is a pretty straightforward product for consumers. 

When you take dried hemp flower, grind it up and roll it up, you’re left with a pretty familiar site. However, as much as smokable hemp resembles a joint, there’s one important difference – the THC content. Like all legal, hemp-derived products, smokable hemp flower only contains 0.3 percent, or less, THC. On product shelves, smokable hemp flower is often marketed as hemp pre-rolls.

How smokable hemp gets made

As a farmer, your hemp will undergo a drying process at some point after harvesting. As long as you leave the flowers of your plants intact, and don’t process them for cannabinoid extraction, you’ve got smokable hemp flower.

Smoking hemp is much like smoking tobacco. If you’re pre-rolls lack dry and ground hemp, you’re likely getting dried hemp flower. In order to smoke it, you’ll need to break it down and place it in a reservoir of your choice. Things like rolling papers, glassware, or a wooden pipe all work.

Why consumers want hemp as a product

Unlike with marijuana, smoking dried hemp flower does not have any psychotropic effects. The product contains less than 0.3 percent THC, so the effect and potential benefit comes from the other cannabinoids present in the hemp flower, which may help with your overall mood and a number of physical ailments like sore or swollen muscles and joints.* It’s also a legal hemp-derived product.

Smokable hemp flower may also prove a useful substitute for those wishing to quit using tobacco. 
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How best to enjoy smokable hemp as a consumer

For those interested in trying smokable hemp flower, remember, it has the potential to look, and smell, a lot like marijuanna. Consuming hemp in this way can give others around you the wrong impression, but it’s still a perfectly legal way to enjoy hemp. Consider saving pre-rolls for enjoying at home or in a more private setting. To consume hemp-derived products more discreetly, consider an edible, such as a CBD gummy.

Create superior hemp with Arbor Vita8

Providing manufacturers with the best smokable hemp flower products means going back to the beginning. Selecting the right genetics to plant, and then correctly handling your crop during processing is essential. At Arbor Vita8 we work directly with scientists and wholesalers to ensure our hemp strains perform the best at the best price. Our state-of-the-art facility and equipment then ensures your crop gets the best treatment when it comes to drying and processing. All leading up to a superior product to sell to manufacturers. Let Arbor Vita8 support you through the entire hemp process. Contact us today to learn more.


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