What Is So Special About The ECS System? Feat Riley Kirk

The hemp and cannabis industries have risen in visibility in recent years. This comes from their progression in terms of legality. Hemp even reached federal legal status in 2018. Marijuana has also made some big strides. But is this all that makes it so special? Of course not. In fact, the cannabis plant is a source of several beneficial properties.  These travel directly through our ECS.

It’s so important, Riley’s dedicated an entire clip to the notion. Check it out above, and hear more on her perspective in the sections below!

Mapping Out The ECS

It starts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). The effects from hemp start here, and also proceed through our entire body. The health of your “[immunity], gut, brain” and more feel the support from CB1 receptors. As Riley proclaims, it directly taps into your “sleep, pain, inflammation, and so many things!”

And would you believe that this special system isn’t exclusive to human beings? “All animals have endocannabinoid systems and need it to survive.” That means even our furry little friends can benefit from the effects of CBD. That’s why we offer both human and pet friendly products on our shop page.

Working With Arbor Vita8

This is only the start of Riley’s coverage of the ECS system. Later this week, Riley will also be covering “the various components of the endocannabinoid system. [From] where the receptors are located, [to their impact] on therapies or diseases.” You can also follow Riley’s Tik Tok to catch these updates in real time!

Looking to upgrade your hemp product selection? You’ve come to the right place. Arbor Vita is your one stop shop for all things hemp related. You can also browse our extensive resource catalog for a wealth of knowledge on the space. And as always, our contact line is open!


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