What is THC-free Distillate?

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The most significant difference between marijuana and hemp is the amount of the cannabinoid called THC. The compound creates the high sensation when ingested. Legal hemp contains only 0.3 percent of THC, or less, at harvest time. During the distillation process, however, hemp flower processors can get THC levels below 0.1 percent. That final product then becomes THC-free distillate, or t-free distillate for short. CBD and CBG enthusiasts love it, but how is it made and what makes it so special?

The distillation process

CBD or CBG distillation is the process of separating the compounds we want from the hemp plant. To begin, the harvested hemp gets dried to moisture levels between 5-15 percent. Then, a processor separates the flower from the stem and grinds it down. This allows for a more efficient extraction.

Similar to alcohol distillation, separating the different compounds in the flower is necessary. This happens when each compound gets heated to its unique boiling point. While the cannabinoids THC and CBD are well-known, there are other compounds in hemp that contribute to its healing properties. There are also terpenes and flavonoids. These are aromatic oils that contribute to the flavor and aromatics of CBD and CBG distillates. You want to make sure the right combination of all these makes it to your oil.

During the distillation process, purification of CBD turns it into a THC-free distillate. It takes a lot of care and precision to purify CBD distillate that far. But, you end up with the highest concentration of CBD or CBG without any THC-related side effects.

How CBD and CBG affects the body

After creating t-free distillate, manufacturers buy it. They will then mix it into anything from topical ointments to medicine. The demand for high-quality CBD and CBG products, especially those with t-free distillate, is growing all the time. That’s because CBD gives you the positive effects without the high. Many people who use CBD or CBG can continue going about their regular business without worry. For folks looking to take CBD or CBG for medicinal uses, the purest CBD or CBG is the way to go.

Health benefits

One of the best known uses of CBD is as an anti-inflammatory medicine. Anyone from athletes to people with arthritis use it for joint pain relief. It can provide stress relief as well.

CBG may even do a better job of relieving anxiety than CBD. It’s also a vasodilator, and can help control high blood pressure and relieve pressure in glaucoma patients.

Recently, the FDA approved the use of a CBD-based treatment for seizures. Uses for CBG are being heavily researched. Undoubtedly, doors are opening for the exploration of these products  and what ailments they can help treat.

Superior quality t-free distillate

Working with the right hemp processor is key as a hemp farmer. They can ensure the final product you end up with is of the highest quality. At Arbor Vita8, we use only the best equipment to extract the finest t-free distillate, and other oils, for sale. Our business is helping hemp farmers, like yourself, through the whole process, from seed to sale. Contact us today to learn more about your options.


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