What Makes CBD A Safe Choice? With Riley Kirk

Our good friend Riley has returned with another great clip on her Tik Tok page. Today, she’s discussing how “you can’t die from cannabis use alone.” So what makes cannabis safe? As always, there’s a super scientific reason that Riley does a tremendous job of breaking down. Learn more below!

It starts with the “CB1 receptors.. are one of the most abundant receptors in our brain. But, they’re not evenly distributed throughout our brain.” Being that this is where cannabinoids enter our system, what does this mean for hemp use? Check out the sections below for a deeper exploration!

CBD On the Brain

“CB1 is highly expressed in the parts of the brain that control the motor sensory components of us.” This impacts our general desire to do things, as well as how well we do them. You may think this is cause for concern, but it’s actually okay. It doesn’t impact the “brainstem… [which] controls important functions like breathing… and heart” function.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that accidents can’t happen. If you use psychoactive cannabinoids, you’ll want to be cautious with external factors. But when it comes to non psychoactive ones, like CBD, Delta 8, CBC, CBG, etc., you avoid this. For more information on safe, quality CBD products, check out our shop page, here.

Shopping At Arbor Vita8

As always, we appreciate the wisdom from our friend Riley. Be sure to drop a comment, like, and follow her Tik Tok. Her page hosts a wealth of quality information on cannabis. You can also listen to her podcast, linked on her account here.

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