What Are The Best CBD Strains in 2021?

There are always certain cbd strains that outshine others. However, it changes from year-to-year since it’s all based on what consumers want.

What’s popular is not always the same, which is why it’s best to stay on top of what genetics are trending. As 2021 unfolds, here are some of the favorites when it comes to the best CBD strains.

1. Sour Diesel

With some of the highest concentrations of CBD, Sour Diesel is always a popular pick for manufacturers. Total CBD can be over 20 percent! Consumers love its rich flavor and pungent scent. The strain gives off a sour, tangy smell, but when lit, offers up a strong scent of kerosine. It tastes pretty much how it smells too, so no surprises there.

2. Northern Lights

Another big producer of CBD, Northern Lights is a favorite among Indica fans. Its sweet, almost watermelon-like taste also makes it a favorite for consumers who want a tasty flower. Users often prefer Northern Lights as a bedtime treat since many experience a significant sense of calm and relaxation after using it.

3. Sour Space Candy

A high-CBD, Sativa-dominant strain, Sour Space Candy offers up a sweet and pungent floral aroma that lingers. Flavor combines diesel with fruity berries, although you may get hints of sour lemon or pine when smoked.

4. Lifter

A relative newcomer to the hemp market, Lifter provides an earthy aroma that combines a bit of funky cheese with a hint of fuel. It works well enough with a complimentary flavor that’s a little sweet and citrusy. Users of Lifter notice an increase in focus, making this strain a popular daytime treat.

5. Cherry Wine

Popular because of its taste, Cherry Wine is often a preferred strain for CBD flower users. The aroma is both fruity and sweet and complex. You’ll get hints of a spicy, earthy undertone among all that cherry. Complementing the complexity, you can often taste hints of citrus.

6. Bubba Kush

Producing effects uncharacteristic to most CBD flower, Bubba Kush can leave you with a light head buzz. It’s like being high without actually feeling impaired, and it’s all from a legal strain of hemp. The flavor blend is also unique, combining hints of tropical fruit, coffee, and chocolate with earthy hints before bringing in tastes of citrus and pine.

7. Gorilla Glue

Getting its name from the super-sticky resins, Gorilla Glue gives off an earthy aroma with hints of coffee and diesel. The taste is like eating a piece of spicy chocolate. When smoked, users often experience a slight tickling sensation in their nose as they exhale.

8. Blood Diamond

Tread carefully with Blood Diamond hemp. It may relax you so much that you actually fall asleep. This CBD-laden strain delivers strong aromas of pine and earth alongside mint and pepper. Complex and potent, this is a strain for the true aficionado.

9. Papaya Nights

Sweet and juicy in its aroma and flavor, Papaya Nights is all about the fruit. You’ll note elements of papaya for sure, but also peach and pear. This is an often-requested strain thanks to its taste as well as consumer feedback which highlights the uplifting nature of the genetics.

10. Bourbon Sugar

Rounding out our list is the unique strain, Bourbon Sugar. It’s name is obvious once you try it. This hemp tastes just like bourbon, with hints of citrus, cherry, and sugar accompanying the flavors most associated with the actual alcohol.

Smoking CBD flower

While each CBD flower you enjoy will provide different tastes and potentially a different experience, it’s not always so easy to light up and smoke hemp. Although it’s a legal product, as long as it contains 0.3 percent THC or less, it’s almost impossible to tell CBD flower from marijuana. As a result, smoking hemp flower isn’t legal everywhere.

To keep yourself from getting hassled, and really get to enjoy the experience of smoking CBD flower, many consumers prefer to do so in the privacy of their own home.

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