What’s The Best Method Of Hemp Consumption?

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By Harrison Thacker

With hemp’s growing legality and popularity, many are lining up to reap its benefits. Industries in states who’ve legalized production are discovering more ways to package hemp. CBD and CBG edibles and smoke-ables are more readily available in these areas, but is one method of hemp consumption better than the other? 

Hemp Flower

Smoking hemp flower is nearly identical to smoking tobacco. First, break your hemp down and place it in a reservoir of your choice. You can use rolling paper, glassware, a wooden pipe, etc. Heat your hemp using a controlled flame, then inhale its emissions. Once it reaches the receptors in your lungs, it’s off to your bloodstream. Here is where the process differs from tobacco. Instead of nicotine or tar, smoking hemp introduces CBD or CBG to your system. Its potential healing effects can go to work in minutes. Muscle soreness, anxiety, depression, and more are all maladies people treat with CBD or CBG. Another similar method of hemp consumption involves extracted oil filtered through a vape pen. The result, no matter which way you smoke it, is the same.

Edible hemp consuption

Converting hemp into edible form is a bit more complex form of hemp consumption. This is especially when compared to packing a pipe with plant materials. Hemp oil gets extracted directly from the plant itself. That or a complementary product like hemp butter can go into any recipe of your choice. There are options in almost every type of food to add hemp. Meats, baked goods, frozen treats, beverages, etc. You can enhance almost any dish or drink with hemp’s soothing traits. If you’re not a chef, many edible products are available to purchase. Everything from gummies to beverages are out there. You can even ingest CBD or CBG oil in its pure form as a tincture or swallow it as a capsule. 

CBD/CBG will enter your system through your jaw’s mucus membranes, as well as your digestive tract. It then travels to the liver for further processing before getting released back into the body. Effects will take a bit longer to set in than when smoking, but are stronger once they do.

Who’s the winner in hemp consumption?

In this case, there isn’t much of a clear-cut victor. More than anything else, it comes down to preference. Both options have their benefits. You can experience anti-inflammation, relaxation, sleep regulation, and more from regular hemp consumption. 

Both options can also have drawbacks. No matter the context, inorganic material in the lungs can have some effect. Smoke irritates the lungs, causing possible damage over time. At least with hemp flower, you know what you’re taking into your body. CBD and CBG edibles can include other, lesser-quality ingredients that negate its benefits. As such, it pays to be mindful when consuming something you didn’t make. Look at the ingredients and only purchase products from a source you trust.

It’s also a good rule of thumb to follow dosage recommendations and pace yourself when using CBD and CBG products.

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