What’s The Best Way To Enjoy CBG Flower

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By Olivia Drake

Did you know that more than 100 different cannabinoids are a part of the cannabis plant? Over the last 70 years THC, CBD, and CBN have become the most well-known compounds to come from cannabis. But, there is an additional cannabinoid beginning to gain attention called CBG. This

What is CBG flower?

CBG flower is a cannabis sprout produced with high quantities of cannabigerol (CBG) instead of THC or CBD. It’s referred to as the mother cannabinoid as it precedes many other cannabinoids. CBG shows up in usually one percent or less of the cannabis plant, but recently, growers have begun using special cultivation and harvesting techniques to produce hemp flower with CBG in higher percentages.

What is the best use of CBG flower?

Scientific testing is still needed to confirm how best to use CBG. However, people are finding success when using CBG already. Here are some of the most popular benefits the cannabinoid may have. 

1. Neuroprotectant CBG flower

Neurodegeneration can happen in any number of ways ranging from oxidative stress and inflammation. It can lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s. CBG flower may help prevent the loss of cells and protect the nervous system. 

2. CBG Flower for Glaucoma

One of the major sources of blindness in the world is Glaucoma, which is often caused by intraocular pressure. Studies have shown CBG may lessen and even relieve this pressure in the eyes.

3. CBG Flower for Pain relief

Much like CBD, CBG shows great promise as a common pain reliever. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBG can be a great option for helping with the common aches and pains one might experience in a day.

4. Flower for appetite stimulant

Smoking CBG flower is a non-psychotropic way that may help restore appetite. It may help people feel hungry more often, for larger portions of food. This means CBG could prove to work as a therapy method for those with eating disorders like anorexia and cachexia. It may also be helpful to people with an illness that reduces their appetite.

What other uses are there for CBG?

CBG flower is still relatively new to the market, so scientists are still actively researching the capabilities of CBG. Several studies suggest that Cannabigerol can help alleviate anxiety and depression, as well as aid in the fight against certain diseases due to its antibacterial properties.  CBG flower is even thought to be a possible cure for cancer.

How does CBG feel?

Much like CBD, CBG flower is not psychotropic and will not get you high. Cannabigerol is an organic compound found in the cannabis plant. When extracted, CBG contains a very low percentage of THC, making the flowers non intoxicating.  Rather, CBG flower is psychoactive.  It can typically aid in elevating a person’s mood, feelings, awareness, and more.

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