When You Should And Shouldn’t Take A Tolerance Break

You may be shocked to hear that a tolerance break is “not for everyone.” Our pal Dr. Riley Kirk is back to break down when a T-Break is or isn’t right for you. Be sure to check out her TikTok feed for more information on hemp and cannabis!

“When we actually start to build a tolerance to THC, our brain is going to start to remove some of those CB1 receptors. [This is] to essentially protect it from being overstimulated.” Likewise, the “sensors can become desensitized,” meaning it takes more and more THC to reach the same level of stimulation.

Knowing When To Say No To THC

A common reason for a T-Break is supply stretching. People are looking to consume less over a period of time. This can be for monetary reasons, among others. But when should you rethink your decision to abstain?

“Your endocannabinoid system plays an integral role in controlling things like pain, sleep, anxiety, appetite, mood, and more. And they’re all controlled by those same receptors.” If your tolerance is too elevated, going cold turkey will undoubtedly affect the factors listed above. Try cutting back instead, as this may make the impact less overwhelming.

Arbor Vita8 & Dr. Riley Kirk

Also, if you use THC for pain, it may be against your best interests to abstain at all. Chronic pain sufferers who rely on cannabis may be subjecting themselves to unnecessary struggles. As always consult with your physician and prescribing source to determine your best course of action.

As always, we greatly appreciate Dr. Riley Kirk for her contributions to the pantheon of cannabis and hemp. If you’re currently on a Tolerance Break and are looking for some quality hemp products, you’ve come to the right place! We have a range of different products and services for you to browse! Visit our contact page for further inquiries.


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