Which CBD Product Should I Start With?

You may see mention of CBD everywhere you look. It’s a product with a lot of potential, and a lot of research is going into its possible uses.

For now though, using CBD doesn’t guarantee any specific effects; it’s about an individual particular experience. Some people take it because they experience physical benefits. Others may like it because it helps them relax. Even others may try it and notice no difference. However, if you’re curious about whether you can benefit from CBD, you’ll only know how it makes you feel if you try it.

Matching a CBD product to your needs

Since CBD has the potential to reduce inflammation, soothe sore muscles, help you wind down, and more, it’s best to match products to your specific need.

What’s also important is finding the right distribution method for the CBD. This depends on how fast you need it to take effect, how discreetly you want to use it, and whether you need to ingest it at all.

Combining these two factors will help you find the right starter CBD product to introduce you to the world of hemp.

Dealing with stress

What’s it like for you at work? Do you have hectic days where you’re always running from meeting-to-meeting? Are you always under a time crunch? Do you feel completely worn out by the time you get to lunch?

Stress at work can impact your performance and your physical well-being. Fifty-five percent of Americans feel stressed during the day, which may not seem like a lot, but it’s 20 percent higher than the world average. Not only that, but stress causes around one million workers to take a personal day, each day.

By the time you get to the end of your day, if you’re all stressed out and worn out, how do you manage that at home? Do you find yourself having a shorter fuse with your family and friends? Are you unable to enjoy your evenings?

Finding an aid to help you separate from your stress, and relax, could be incredibly beneficial, and CBD might do the trick. For a situation like this, you want a fast-acting delivery system for hemp. The easiest product to get is a CBD tincture. Because you ingest this by placing a few drops under your tongue, your body begins absorbing the CBD even before you start digesting the liquid. This allows it to take effect faster.

Even quicker, CBD nano products have CBD molecules that are so small they’re able to absorb into your bloodstream without having to go through your digestive tract at all. Absorption is not only faster, but more CBD gets into your system since you’re not losing any of the cannabinoid during digestion.

If CBD helps you relax, either of these two products could make it easier for you to wind down after a long day.

Minimizing muscle pain

If you work out hard, or suffer from chronic muscle pain and inflammation, the chemicals within CBD could help soothe your joints. Some users experience a reduction in swelling when they use CBD, and it may have properties that work as a natural pain reliever.

If you fit into this category, you may want to consider a topical CBD product. CBD lotions and balms allow for the CBD to absorb directly through your skin right to the point of pain. Balms are especially good for this type of use since they aren’t slimy, absorb fast, and are thick enough to not wipe away.

Trying a topical CBD product first for inflammation and pain may be the best route for you. If you don’t notice any effect though, ingesting CBD is also worth a try. Grab some gummies or capsules so you can carry them with you, and discreetly use them as needed.

Getting some sleep

Although CBD may help you relax to the point that it’s easier to fall asleep at night (if you have trouble), there are other hemp cannabinoids that you may want to check out as well. Just as studies have linked CBD to specific potential benefits, studies looking at CBN have shown possible connections between it and sleep.

Another common cannabinoid found in hemp, although in smaller amounts than CBD, CBN may give you a better night’s sleep. As a tincture, it’s easy to take a short while before bed to see if you wake up feeling more rested and with more energy.

Finding the best CBD for your first time

As someone new to CBD, or any hemp products, you’ll notice there are a lot of options out there. However, without strict regulations, they’re not all created equal. You want to know where your CBD comes from, and what other ingredients are in your product.

Look for transparency in packaging and a company that isn’t afraid to tell you what’s really in their products, like Arbor Vita8. We take hemp seriously, and it shows in our commitment to quality in everything we offer in our online store. Check out our variety of superior hemp products and see which one is potentially right for you.


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