Hemp Wholesale Products

Whether you’re a hemp farmer or a commercial hemp manufacturer, Arbor Vita8 can help you buy and sell high-quality hemp products. See how our extensive capacity and catalogue are helping us become the leading resource for licensed hemp seed sales and other wholesale products.

What Wholesale Hemp Products Do We Offer?

Getting started in hemp farming or commercial manufacturing is a big endeavour. You will need partners that you can trust. Heck, even industry veterans have historically struggled to find reliable associates who can support a true seed-to-sale pipeline. That’s why we created Arbor Vita8! We believe a rising tide lifts all boats, and we want to help our partners at every stage of the process.

So when you want to buy or sell top-notch hemp products at a profitable scale, we’ve got you covered. Check out our selection of wholesale hemp products below:

Wholesale Hemp Products
for Farmers

Pile Of Hemp Seeds Arbor Vita8


Our feminized hemp seeds are genetically engineered to help you keep THC levels at less than 0.3% in your field. Our data- driven approach uses detailed lab results to ensure seeds meet our rigorous standards for CBD and CBG levels, cannabinoid and terpene profiles, stability, purity, and a host of other critical metrics.

Green Cannabis Plant Planted In Soil Arbor Vita8


Trying to produce your own hemp seedlings carries a fair amount of risk and expense. Save your time and protect your bottom line with Arbor Vita8’s healthy, hearty seedlings. When you want to kickstart your next crop while ensuring consistently optimal levels of CBD and CBG, we can work with you to find the perfect seedlings for your specific circumstances and needs.

Lab Worker Wearing Rubber Gloves Potting Hemp Plant


We carefully select our high-CBD, high-CBG clones for maximum resilience and strength. Clones are the fastest way for farmers to get consistent results and maximize profits, and our high-capacity operations can support a wide range of commercial-sized grows.

Wholesale Hemp Products for Manufacturers


Our hemp flower strains are meticulously sourced to deliver consistently awesome flavor and high levels of CBD and CBG. And our fully organic, largely automated approach keeps humans hands and impurities out of your product.

Close View Bud Plant Arbor Vita8
Metal Case Of Green CBD Hemp Biomass In Lab Arbor Vita8


Arbor Vita8’s wholesale hemp biomass is grown right here in farms across Georgia and Alabama. It is fully mature and ready for processing into CBD and CBG crude oil.

Crude Oil

Whether you’re creating products directly from CBD/CBG crude oil, or need high quality crude to further refine into distillates, isolates, etc., Arbor Vita8 is the leading source for low THC, high CBD/CBG crude oil. Because we’re involved from step one, we can ensure we get the best materials to feed into our automated, clean, and high-capacity extraction process.

Worker Holding Glass Of CBD Distillate With Gloved Hands In A Lab Arbor Vita8
Distillate On Table With Scoop Arbor Vita8


We offer both full-spectrum (less than 0.3% THC) and broad-spectrum (T-free) distillates with CBD and CBG levels in excess of 90%. Our careful distillation process ensures that your end products can be sold in areas where THC-infused items are not legal.

Wholesale Consumer Products

From sour gummies to capsules, we offer a variety of consistently sourced, high-quality CBD/CBG edibles. 

We sell full-spectrum and T-free tinctures to help with many different needs, including immune boosters, sleep aids, and even pet tinctures.

Our topical products include full-spectrum CBD lotions in a variety of scents as well as full-spectrum balms for pain relief.

Get high-quality pre-rolls from well-known strains like Bubba Kush, Cherry Blossom, and Berry Blossom.

Work With The Trusted Hemp Wholesalers at Arbor Vita8

Our team is involved at every critical step of the hemp cultivation, processing, and extraction process. As part of this seed-to-sale pipeline, we research and develop our own hemp genetics to produce the highest quality, more resilient hemp products for farmers and commercial manufacturers. By bringing together these two important groups, we’re helping everyone work smarter and earn more. Reach out today and see how we can help you buy or sell wholesale hemp products!