Wholesale Hemp Biomass

When in the market for bulk hemp biomass, it’s important to know it was dried and properly stored. Not everyone does it the same way, but Arbor Vita8 does it with thought and diligence. Our experienced and knowledgeable team ensures every pound of biomass is treated with the utmost care to maintain the quality of the hemp. If you’re looking to buy hemp biomass wholesale, look no further than Arbor Vita8.



What is Hemp Biomass?

Hemp biomass consists of all the usable parts of the plant left over once you’ve taken out the flower. Most often, the flower goes on for additional processing in order to extract hemp oil, CBD, CBG and more, all in a liquid or crystalline form. This is what we think of most when talking hemp, but beyond the flower, hemp has a million uses. This means hemp biomass offers a wealth of potential in a variety of markets.


Types of Hemp Biomass

Because the demand for hemp biomass is increasing, it’s worth noting that some processors will create biomass with parts of the flower still included. This allows for the availability of cannabinoid-rich biomass alongside the more traditional combination of stalks and leaves. What kind of bulk hemp biomass are you looking for?


CBD Biomass

Made from hemp plants rich in cannabidiol, CBD biomass includes all parts of the hemp plant. The amount of CBD will vary, but it’s introduced into the biomass through the parts of the flower mixed in. Sold by the pound, it’s possible to run this type of biomass through an extractor to separate out the CBD, or use the entire biomass for your manufacturing needs.


CBG Biomass

Cannabigerol, the other star of the cannabis plant, is also available in wholesale hemp biomass. Certain hemp strains now produce high enough volumes of CBG to make it a prominent cannabinoid in a crop. When the flower is processed with the rest of the plant, you get CBG biomass. 

Hemp Biomass iIn Alabama Processing Facility Arbor Vita8

Hemp Fibre Biomass

Considered a more traditional hemp biomass, hemp fibre biomass contains all the organic plant materials left over after flowers and seeds are removed. Hemp fibre biomass is primarily leaves and stalks. While not as lucrative as other plant parts, there’s a lot of demand for this type of biomass across multiple industries. Biomass doesn’t necessarily need the boost of a cannabinoid to be worthwhile to purchase.

Benefits of Hemp Biomass

Put aside from the products you get from hemp flowers and seeds, and it’s really the biomass that has a ton of growth potential. Industries across the board are looking to hemp to solve many different issues related to sustainability, cost and supply. Buying wholesale hemp biomass opens up the door to all of this opportunity.

Manufacturers can use hemp biomass as:

  • Biofuel or industrial oil
  • Animal feed
  • Clothing fiber
  • Paper
  • And more

The versatility of hemp and its high yield of biomass material make it a great addition to the earning potential hemp has for everyone involved.


Wholesale Hemp Biomass at Arbor Vita8

Finding success in the hemp industry is all about respect. You manage each stage and  treat each product with a level of respect that maintains the integrity of the plant and doesn’t threaten the quality of the finished product. At Arbor Vita8, we take our job seriously, ensuring the product that comes to you, from wholesale hemp biomass down to CBD isolate, is the absolute best. Find out what superior hemp biomass looks like and how Arbor Vita8 can deliver it to you.

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