Wholesale Broad-Spectrum
(T-Free) Crude Oil Products

Extracting hemp crude oil begins the process of creating useful compounds from hemp. From there, it’s all about establishing what cannabinoids you want to keep in your crude. Wholesale broad-spectrum crude oil is different because it lacks THC. Getting this right means paying close attention to every step in the extraction process, something Arbor Vita8 takes very seriously as they create bulk THC-free crude oil.


What is Broad-Spectrum Crude Oil?

Although crude oil is the least-refined hemp extract, you don’t have to accept it totally as is. Broad-spectrum crude undergoes one additional refinement to remove the small amount of THC present in its original form. This means wholesale broad-spectrum crude oil is about 80% its primary cannabinoid (like CBD) and 20% a combination of other cannabinoids, terpenes and plant oils.


Our Broad-Spectrum Crude
Oil Products

Broad-spectrum products, being T-free, are an ideal way for people to try hemp-derived items without ingesting THC. Because preferences vary when it comes to cannabinoids, Arbor Vita8 offers a variety of wholesale crude oil products, each highlighting a different hemp compound.

Hemp Crude Oil Testing

CBC Crude Oil

CBC is a great cannabinoid to feature in a crude oil because of how well it gets along with others. This is thanks to the entourage effect, which allows cannabinoids to work together to enhance each other’s features. CBC users have noted a potential correlation between the cannabinoid and a reduction in pain and inflammation. However, it’s CBC’s potential link to the brain that gives it its most future potential.

Hemp Crude Oil in Jar

CBD Crude Oil

The chemical makeup of CBD crude oil most closely represents what naturally exists in hemp plants. It’s the most dominant cannabinoid, and the potential benefits of using CBD are numerous. Many users find that ingesting it helps with stress and anxiety, so it’s a popular cannabinoid when it comes to edibles.

Closeup crude oil

CBG Crude Oil

Already present in hemp strains that are lower in THC, getting large quantities of CBG can prove difficult. But, having it as the dominant cannabinoid in a broad-spectrum crude oil can make the product quite lucrative. This cannabinoid may also have a high number of medicinal purposes. Research is showing it could help treat conditions like glaucoma, IBS, and Crohn’s disease.


CBN Crude Oil

Letting your plants age is the best way to increase levels of CBN in your crude oil. It’s not the plant itself that increases production of this cannabinoid, but environmental factors. The longer you leave hemp out, the more CBN you’ll find in your crude oil. Many consumers today find CBN works for them as a sleep aid, noting a connection between ingesting the cannabinoid and a sense of relaxation.

Benefits & Uses of Broad-Spectrum Crude Oil

Broad-spectrum crude oil is a great extract to add to other oil-based products you’d like to remain free of THC. Being tasteless and odorless, it won’t alter the original profile of your product. This makes it a good option when it comes to infusing edibles, beauty products, vaporizer cartridges, and more with t-free crude oil.

Users are drawn to products that use wholesale broad spectrum crude oil because of their individual experiences with the it, including:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Fewer feelings of stress
  • Less outbreaks of insomnia
  • Improved appetite
  • And more


Wholesale Broad-Spectrum Crude Oil at Arbor Vita8

With an organic, hands-free extraction process, Arbor Vita8 uses only the best in hemp equipment to produce high-end wholesale t-free crude oil. With limited risk of contamination, our level of commitment goes above and beyond the competition. You’ll find it in every service we offer, from seed-to-sale. The Arbor Vita8  level of care can’t be beat.

For superior wholesale broad-spectrum crude oil, there’s only one place to find regionally-sourced, carefully-crafted extract.