Wholesale Broad-Spectrum
Distillate Oil Products

Using superior genetics and a refined and efficient extraction process, Arbor Vita8 creates wholesale broad-spectrum distillate that’s of the highest quality. Taking the utmost care at every step, our t-free distillate is pure and ready to infuse into a variety of products.


What is Broad-Spectrum Distillate Oil?

Broad-spectrum distillate oil is also known as t-free distillate because of what it’s missing — the THC. Wholesale t-free distillate undergoes multiple levels of refinement to remove all trace amounts of THC, along with other unwanted compounds. What you’re left with is a pure compound that’s ideal for consumers who are new to using hemp products or those who want to enjoy the benefits of hemp’s key cannabinoids without the presence of THC.



Our Broad-Spectrum Distillate Oil Products

What’s so ideal about creating a wholesale broad-spectrum distillate is you get to pick which cannabinoid features front-and-center. You control what’s removed, and what’s left, meaning you can give each popular cannabinoid a chance to shine. Arbor Vita8 does this for all the major compounds in hemp — CBC, CBD, CBG, and CBN.

CBD Hemp Distillate

Broad-Spectrum CBC Distillate Oil

Cannabichromene or CBC is one of the lesser-known cannabinoids. Those who already use it have noted the effectiveness of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Research has shown CBC may have potential use for those suffering from migraines or acne as well. 


Broad-Spectrum CBD Distillate Oil

Cannabidoil or CBD is the most well-known compound extracted from hemp. It’s so popular, you’ll see shops named after CBD, even if they sell other hemp-derived products. The easiest cannabinoid to extract from hemp, CBD may also help address inflammation, but many users find it beneficial for dealing with anxiety and stress.


Broad-Spectrum CBG Distillate Oil

Cannabigerol or CBG is the parent cannabinoid. It shows up first in hemp plants, maturing into other useful compounds. The best time to extract larger quantities of CBG from hemp is before the plant fully matures. This requires farmers to watch their crops very closely. CBG users note a variety of potential benefits, including it being an effective anxiety reducer.


Broad-Spectrum CBN Distillate Oil

Cannabidiol or CBN is another lesser known cannabinoid, but one that’s quickly developing a special following. Many users notice a direct correlation between using CBN and getting a better night’s rest. CBN’s potential as a sleep aid makes it a popular compound. 

Benefits & Uses of Broad-Spectrum Distillate Oil

Without the THC in the compound, wholesale broad-spectrum distillate offers all the potential benefits of each cannabinoid without consumers having to ingest any THC. As a tasteless and odorless compound, it also easily integrates into just about any product. You can add distillate to makeup, lotions, edibles, and more all without changing the product’s flavor, smell, or texture. It’s even possible to take the distillate, on its own, and put it into a capsule.


Broad-spectrum distillate provides you with a higher level of purity as well. All the undesirables are removed, allowing you to share only the specific benefits of the chosen cannabinoid with consumers. Using a broad-spectrum distillate means you know exactly what ingredients you’re getting, and what’s going into your products.


Wholesale Broad-Spectrum Distillate Oil at Arbor Vita8

Quality and purity reign supreme when refining hemp oil into a wholesale t-free distillate. From cultivation, to processing, to extraction, how the plants are treated at each stage impacts the final product. And, with distillate, it’s all about refining your compound to perfection. At Arbor Vita8, our seed-to-sale array of services means we can support farmers and manufacturers in the creation and sale of superior broad-spectrum distillate.

When you’re ready to make or buy the best wholesale broad-spectrum distillate oil, we’re able to provide the best-quality product.