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Finding the best source for CBD out there is important when it comes to your products. You want superior quality and an attention to detail at every step. That’s how the team at Arbor Vita8 works. We process, produce, and sell wholesale the best CBD to ensure high-end products that will keep consumers coming back.


What Wholesale CBD Products Do We Offer

It doesn’t matter what wholesale CBD products you’re looking for, Arbor Vita8 can help you find them. Our extensive network of farmers, scientists, manufactures, and more allows us to provide wholesale CBD that’s top-of-the-line. 

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From start-to-finish, through the entire hemp growing and manufacturing process, we’re a partner you can trust. Let us help you find the right:

  • CBD seeds
  • CBD seedlings/starts
  • CBD clones
  • CBD flower
  • CBD biomass
  • CBD crude oil
  • CBD distillate
  • CBD isolate
  • CBD consumer products

CBD Seeds

Getting a high yield of CBD from your crop is only possible with the right genetics. Not only that, but if you’re planting from seed, you want a hearty plant that grows quickly with as little maintenance as possible. Our wholesale CBD seeds at Arbor Vita8 are carefully tested to ensure high production of your preferred cannabinoid. We also look at the performance of hemp strains over time to find the perfect genetics for you.


CBD Seedlings/Starts

If you’re not interested in starting your crop from seeds, our partner scientists also make it possible for us to produce and provide you with wholesale CBD seedlings or starts. This not only saves time in the grow cycle, but allows you to see how the plant is performing before you buy. Even in its young state, you can feel confident you’re purchasing a quality plant with the help of Arbor Vita8.


CBD Clones

One of the best ways to feel certain of how your hemp crop will perform is to use clones. This way, you have an exact copy of a plant that has already gone through the grow cycle. You’ll know everything about the plant before you harvest your crop, including its CBD yield. It’s a win-win situation for new growers, or those experimenting with different hemp genetics.


CBD Flower

For those looking to find a complete hemp flower, with plenty of CBD, you need to work with a trusted partner who provides the right level of transparency into the plants they sell. Arbor Vita8 knows just where all the hemp it processes comes from, ensuring you get a flower that’s high in CBD.


CBD Biomass

For those looking to purchase wholesale CBD biomass to make into other hemp-derived products, Arbor Vita8 can help. We understand that the industry is so much more than smokable, ingestible, or topical products so make CBD biomass available, at a competitive cost, to use in products that are on the verge of revolutionizing other industries.


CBD Crude Oil

The first extract that comes from processing hemp, wholesale CBD crude oil comes in two different forms. Both can then get refined further to make a variety of in-demand products.
  • Full-Spectrum CBD Crude Oil contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds that naturally exist in hemp. This also includes THC, but at a very low level. Only 0.3% is legal.
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD Crude Oil is missing the THC. It’s a perfect starting compound to make products for those who want to try CBD but are uncomfortable with putting any THC into their bodies. This gives them a t-free option.
Distillate On Table With Scoop Arbor Vita8

CBD Distillate

Distillate leaves a purer compound than what you have with crude oil. It’s a stage in the extraction process where all organic materials and compounds get taken out, leaving you with the cannabinoid as the star. CBD distillate is flavorless and without odor, so it’s a perfect additive to other products. You can also find it in a full-spectrum and broad-spectrum form.


CBD Isolate

An isolate takes a hemp compound to almost entirely pure. Wholesale CBD isolate is almost 100% CBD. Typically in powder form, a CBD isolate has no THC, no flavor, and no smell. It too mixes well with food, smoothies, cosmetics, lotions, and many other hemp-derived products. 

CBD CBG CBN And Other Cannabinoid Retail Products Arbor Vita8 Products,

CBD Consumer Products

In addition to processing hemp into all of these stages of refinement for use to make other products, Arbor Vita8 also offers CBD consumer products. You can shop at our online store today.

Work With Trusted Hemp Wholesalers at Arbor Vita8

At Arbor Vita8, we’re with you at every step of the hemp growing and manufacturing process. Our seed-to-sale array of services means that excellent support, quality products, and the best facilities are at your disposal. Our wholesale CBD enables you to get products you can trust no matter what stage of the process we’re at. From the first hemp seed or plant you put into the ground, all the way to being ready to buy CBD yourself, we’ve got you covered.


White Label Hemp Products at Arbor Vita8

If you’re ready to start selling hemp products, but don’t know where to start, Arbor Vita8 can help. We provide superior hemp-derived products for white label manufacturing. Re-brand the items we’ve already quality-checked with your own business name to really make your presence known in the market.

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