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Cannabidivarin or CBDV is an interesting addition to hemp’s long cannabinoid list. Although we’ve known about it for 50 years, it’s only now getting recognized. With the most potential in pharmaceutical applications, wholesale CBDV is one more valuable product the hemp plant produces. It’s also one in demand at a higher level of quality because of its association with medicine. 

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What is CBDV?

Structurally similar to CBD, CBDV is sometimes referred to as CBD’s “twin brother.” The two cannabinoids share many features and characteristics, but CBDV is slightly different on both a chemical and molecular level. While CBD-rich varieties are common in hemp strains, CBDV occurs in much lower concentrations. Typically, a CBD-rich plant has less than 1% CBDV occurring naturally. Like CBD, CBDV will not leave you feeling ‘high,’ and has the potential to provide many therapeutic benefits for those with specific illnesses.

CBD Oil – Medical Use of Marijuana

What Can You Do with Wholesale CBDV?

Research is just starting to emerge on the potential CBDV could bring in medical areas like epilepsy. However, it already carries with it a special distinction. Wholesale CBDV has an orphan designation from the FDA, which means it’s officially recognized as being potentially effective in treating rare diseases like Fragile X and Rhett syndromes. This gives hemp manufacturers, working in medical or pharmaceutical production, a potential leg-up when it comes to providing products that treat certain diseases.

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CBDV and Epilepsy

Even as CBDV receives its clearance by the FDA for treating rare diseases, research continues linking the cannabinoid with more common issues, like epilepsy. CBDV is frequently studied for its possible connection to reduce or prevent epileptic and other forms of seizures. This link gives the compound further potential in the therapeutic realm, making it a viable cannabinoid for medicinal use.

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CBDV Isolate

For manufacturers wishing to use CBDV for more consumer-based products, look to it as an isolate. Wholesale CBDV isolate occurs after multiple stages of refinement from the hemp plant’s original extraction run. What begins as crude oil gets purified and whittled down to a powdery substance known as CBDV isolate. At this stage, the compound is almost 100% pure. Tasteless and odorless, bulk CBDV isolate is ideal to mix into other products during the manufacturing process.

Boost Your Profits with Wholesale CBDV

No matter the future applications of CBDV, the cannabinoid has a bright destiny. It’s likely you’ll start to see it pop up in more products, so don’t be the last one to add it to your inventory. Wholesale CBDV isolate is the ideal form to purchase the compound, but you have to make sure you’re getting the best quality extract possible. Arbor Vita8 has you covered. We’re here to help you fill in the gaps of your cannabinoid inventory, enabling you to offer a diverse product line to attract the most consumers possible. Our careful attention-to-detail and knowledgeable team of experienced hemp professionals, scientists, and manufacturers allow us to give you superior CBDV in any form.


Wholesale CBDV for Your Production Needs

Make sure the wholesale CBDV you’re buying is the very best by working with a partner you can trust. Being a wholesaler, Arbor Vita8 puts a lot of effort into building relationships with both farmers and manufacturers by establishing partnerships that apply every step of the way. We take the time to provide you with the support, resources, and quality products you need to succeed. Not to mention our top-notch facility. Let us be with you throughout your entire hemp experience.

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