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For those looking to plant a hemp crop with no surprises, clones are where it’s at. With wholesale hemp clones, you not only know the exact genetics of your plants, but there’s no wait for a seed to sprout. Let Arbor Vita8 pair your needs to the right hemp clones. You’ll skip weeks ahead in the growing process and still have a superior plant to harvest in the end.

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What is a Hemp Clone?

Much like a seedling, a wholesale hemp clone is simply an already-growing plant. How you care for a clone is almost identical to a hemp seedling; the only difference is their origin story. 

Clones are cuttings taken from a parent plant. They become an identical copy to that parent plant, and are never grown from a seed. This enables perfect predictability as to the traits of the plant. Growing an entire crop of the same clone then gives you consistent growth across the field, and consistent results when it comes to the presence of certain cannabinoids.

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Our Bulk Hemp Clone Products

At Arbor Vita8, we’re not only able to supply high-quality wholesale clones, but we can do it in bulk. If you find your ideal genetics, we can clone a superior-performing hemp plant as many times as necessary to fill your fields. 

Clones are ready for planting right away, cut-to-order, and come in 72 count plug trays. Order far enough in advance to ensure your needs are fulfilled within your timeline.


Hemp Clone Extraction

Once your crop of clones is ready to harvest, it’s time to move them to a processing facility. Based on the genetic make-up you’ve selected for your plants, certain cannabinoids will be readily available in varying quantities. It’s up to you to decide what you’d like to extract from your plants, and how you want to use it.

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Producing CBC from Hemp Clones

The appearance of cannabichromene or CBC in hemp clones is a little different than its cannabinoid cousins. Production of this particular compound can be jump-started with the use of heat. This process, known as decarboxylation can up the quantities of CBC in your clones, but you need to have a plant with a proven track record already working for you.

The biggest link researchers are hopeful for as we learn more about this compound is between CBC and the brain. Testing has yielded some positive results that hint at the potential of CBC to stimulate brain cell growth and help repair damage.

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Extracting CBD from Hemp Clones

The easiest cannabinoid to extract from most hemp plants is cannabidiol or CBD. Usually available in the largest quantities out of all the popular compounds within hemp, CBD is usually in high demand.

Regular users of CBD have noticed a correlation between the cannabinoid and a reduction in inflammation, anxiety, and depression.

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Extracting CBG from Hemp Clones

Close on the heels of CBD is cannabigerol, or CBG. Only recently gaining popularity, CBG is harder to extract than CBD, simply because it’s available in smaller quantities. This is where using clones comes in handy though, since you can focus your plant selection on a parent that has historically contained higher-than-normal levels of this valuable cannabinoid. 

CBG users have shared experiences where the cannabinoid helps reduce pain and muscle tension. Others have noticed they feel more calm when using the compound.

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Producing CBN from Hemp Clones

Cannabinol, or CBN, has an interesting origin story. It only appears after exposing THC to heat and light. This breaks down the THC, transforming it into CBN. Because of this necessary process, there aren’t really any hemp clones known for being high in CBN. 

Many users have noted they experience better sleep when using CBN. The cannabinoid’s connection to feeling more relaxed has been documented in studies, which is why it may have use, in the future, as a natural sleep aid.

Benefits of Hemp Clones

The most significant benefit of using wholesale hemp clones is predictability. Since you’re copying an already living plant, you know the exact genetic make-up of your plants. This means you can accurately estimate the compounds the plant will produce. You’ll also already know what positive traits the plant carries for survival.

Using clones also puts you at less risk for male hemp plants to pop up. If your clones come from a female plant, you’ll only grow female plants. This is what every farmer, looking to get their plants to flower, wants. The introduction of male plants to a crop can ruin it, causing all female plants to seed rather than flower.

There’s also less time to harvest when you start with clones. Since the plants have already done a significant portion of their growing before coming to you, you’ll have a shorter growing season, getting your crop to processing faster. That can lead to huge cost savings.


Wholesale Hemp Clones at Arbor Vita8

There are so many benefits to using hemp clones, but they only work if the plant you start with is of the highest quality. At Arbor Vita8, we strive to produce superior products for our farmers and manufacturers regardless of what phase of the hemp growing process they’re in. That means always starting with the best genetics, to grow the best plants, and provide the best clones. Our team’s industry experience and knowledge gets passed on to you to help you select the best clones for your growing needs. Our attention to detail and plant quality can’t be beat. Contact us today to learn more about wholesale clones.

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