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Hitting the market with a bang, Delta-10 is just one more cannabinoid that proves hemp is a versatile plant. A naturally-occurring cannabinoid, to get usable amounts requires a little science and some time in the lab, but it has the potential to mirror benefits of marijuana without getting you ‘high.’

At Arbor Vita8, we know that where you purchase Delta-10 THC from matters, and our commitment to quality means our supply of bulk D10 outshines the competition every time.

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What is Delta-10?

Most Delta-10 is synthesized in a lab. This was first successfully done in the 1980’s, and allows manufacturers to produce a large enough supply for the consumer market. Even though it is a natural cannabinoid in hemp, quantities are so low it’s not cost effective to grow specifically to extract D10. With the possibility of similar benefits for those who’ve already discovered Delta-8, what makes D10 wholesale unique is its potential to make you feel more alert and energetic, rather than relaxed and chill. Some are even marketing it as the ‘Daytime Delta’ as a result.
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Why Delta-10 isn’t that THC

As more and more cannabinoids with Delta in their name hit the market, consumers are getting confused. Delta-9 was first. It’s the cannabinoid in marijuana. It’s what gets users high. Delta-8 and Delta-10 are different because they lack psychotropic properties. Some effects may feel similar to consumers, but using these alternative Deltas may reduce the risk of certain side effects often associated with THC such as anxiety or paranoia. 

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Our Delta-10 Products

Whenever a new product hits the market, there’s always a rush for brands to get in on the action. This can impact the quality of what’s out there, so you should be sure the D10 wholesale you purchase is the best. At Arbor Vita8, our D10 products achieve superiority because of our attention to detail and safe and efficient processes.

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Delta-10 THC Flower

Even though D10 gets made in the lab, you can still smoke it. Spraying CBD or CBG flower with D10 leaves you with a multi-cannabinoid product whose compounds work together to potentially create beneficial effects. This process is an easy way to combine more than one effective cannabinoid for consumer use, and put a smokeable form of Delta-10 onto store shelves.

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Delta-10 THC Oil

Another way to combine D10 with existing hemp products is to use bulk D10 as an oil. Extraction occurs through a somewhat similar process to other cannabinoids, but with one extra step. Instead of refining hemp oil down to D10, the isolate form is used to synthesize it. What you’re left with is an oil that mixes easily into tinctures, edibles, beverages, and more.

Benefits & Uses of Delta-10

Still so new, even though there’s not much evidence as to how Delta-10 affects the body, consumers are still interested in the product based on their own experiences. What some users have noticed is that D10 provides an uplifting experience, causing such effects as alertness and heightened creativity. Others experience a stronger focus and more energy. Some have even noted a sense of euphoria when using Delta-10.

More research will help clarify what potential D10 may have, but for now, user stories are playing a strong part in enhancing this cannabinoid’s popularity.


Terpene Extraction with Arbor Vita8

Since scent is such a huge part of how we taste, keeping terpenes intact during the extraction process is important for the production of many products. Partnering the right terpenes with the proper cannabinoid also ensures they can play their therapeutic role as well. 

For superior extracts, look no further than Arbor Vita8. We stand above the competition through our combination of industry experience, top-notch equipment, and high-end facility. We can help you create the highest-quality extracts through our fully-automated, ethanol-based extractor.

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