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It’s the hottest new cannabinoid on the market, and one with its own unique story. Created a little differently, Delta-8 is in demand because of its potential to mirror the benefits of marijuana without the ‘high.’ 

At Arbor Vita8, we know that where you buy Delta-8 THC matters, and our commitment to quality means our Delta-8 wholesale supply can’t be beat.



What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 and THC only differ by a single chemical bond. Scientifically, they’re only off by a single number. The THC you find in marijuana is technically called Delta-9. This small difference has a major impact on what users can experience though, for a number of reasons. The biggest — Delta-8 is not a psychotropic compound. When it’s made right, it’s just as legal as any other hemp-derived compound.


Why Delta-8 isn’t that THC

There’s no ‘high’ associated with Delta-8, which is why it’s not that type of THC. The lack of this sensation is the easiest way to know you’re ingesting or smoking D8 and not the other stuff. Consumers using D8 still report experiencing a sense of well-being and relaxation, but with a lower psychotropic impact. D8 may also reduce the risk of certain negative side effects often associated with THC such as anxiety or paranoia. 


Our Delta-8 Products

Even as it currently sits as the latest trend in hemp, you want to be sure the Delta-8 you’re purchasing is of the highest quality and produced in the safest way possible. At Arbor Vita8, our D8 products achieve both of these goals, creating a superior set of products you can sell and use with confidence.

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Wholesale Delta-8 Flower

Although it might sound impossible, given how D8 gets created, wholesale Delta-8 can be a smokable product. By spraying CBD or CBG flower with D8, you’re creating a multi-cannabinoid product where the compounds work together to potentially create beneficial effects. This method is an easy way to combine more than one effective cannabinoid for consumer use and put Delta-8 flower on shelves.

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Wholesale Delta-8 Oil

An ideal way to add D8 to other existing products, wholesale D8 in oil form goes through a similar extraction process to other cannabinoids, but with one extra step. Instead of refining hemp oil down to the cannabinoid, it goes through a process known as crashing. This is where isolate is synthesized into D8. At this stage, you’re left with a clear, odorless liquid that may turn pink or amber in color when exposed to light, heat, or air.

Benefits & Uses of Delta-8

One of the key reasons Delta-8 is gaining in popularity is the potential it has. Manufacturers are seeing possibilities in markets for both consumers and areas involving the treatment of certain medical conditions. Everyday users have reported feeling relaxed, clear-headed, and energized when taking D8, and within the medical community, D8 may help with:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain 
  • Appetite loss
  • Anxiety
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Insomnia

Even people suffering from a combination of ailments, those receiving treatment for cancer, for example, may find use in using D8. 


Wholesale Delta-8 at Arbor Vita8

Understanding the potential of Delta-8 can help anyone realize why this product is increasing in demand. Working with a trusted hemp processing partner, who really knows the industry, can help ensure you’re getting quality product, synthesized right. At Arbor Vita8, our experience speaks for itself in the choices we’ve made to establish a superior facility to process your hemp. Whether you’re looking to create CBD CBC, CBG, CBN, D8, or something else we strive to offer the highest-quality extracts possible. As a farmer or manufacturer, we’re here to help you succeed.

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