Successful hemp crops start with the right genetics

Knowing what your planting is just as important as knowing how to grow it when it comes to hemp. The genetics of your plants determine everything. They ensure you have a thriving and healthy crop or one prone to disease or mold. Don’t risk it. Know your plants.

The Science
of Hemp

Different hemp strains serve different purposes. Some are better for industrialized hemp crops, others produce maximum amounts of CBD or CBG. Do you know which is which? At Arbor Vita8, our experienced staff can help guide you to the right hemp strains for your specific crop.

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Custom genetics

We understand more about the varieties of because we create them. Working with our partner scientists, we offer exceptional custom genetics for wholesale purchase as seeds or seedlings. Our premium plants have:

  • THC levels below the required 0.3 percent
  • Natural resistance to the elements and disease
  • The ability to grow without the use of harmful pesticides
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Ladies only

Nothing ruins a hemp crop faster than male plants. If not immediately removed, they can turn an entire crop to seed. That means no flower to harvest. Our hand-picked strains of hemp contain feminized seeds only. This greatly limits the chance of a male plant appearing. Not all wholesalers pay this close attention to what they sell. At Arbor Vita8, we offer exceptional genetics to help you get the most out of your hemp crop.

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Clones, Seeds, or Seedlings?

As you consider which genetics are right for your crop, you’ll also need to decide whether to plant clones, seeds, or seedlings. At Arbor Vita8, we offer all three options for most of our available strains. While there are pros and cons to both, the great thing is, if you take good care of your hemp plants, it doesn’t matter how they started. With the right care and genetics, you will yield a lucrative crop.

Access the Best Wholesale Hemp Products

For those who already have an outlet to sell their oil, it is returned as soon as we receive payment. We can also help farmers sell it through our network for a pre-negotiated brokerage fee.

Another option we offer our toll split partners is to divide the post-extraction oil between both parties. Prices and split percentages will vary depending on the quality of your hemp samples as well as the time needed in our facilities for extraction.

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