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Working with our partner scientists, Arbor Vita8 prides itself on developing only the best genetics. We then sell our superior seeds to you at the best possible prices. Not only do you get our feminized seeds that, when properly cared for, offer a lucrative yield, but you get them at our wholesale price.

Our Seed Selection

Whether you’re growing industrialized hemp or looking to extract CBD or CBG from your plants, we have the right seeds for you. Check out what’s available:

Non Feminized Hemp Seeds In Field Arbor Vita8

Oregon Watermelon

An extremely mold-resistant strain smelling of sweet candied watermelons.

Close View Bud Plant Arbor Vita8

Harley Tsunami

With a spicy and woodsy flavor, its aroma is like walking in the woods.

Close View With Visible Hairs And Trichromes Of Cannabis Plant Arbor Vita8

Early Bubba

Combining sweet and earthy notes, you’ll taste coffee together with blackberry or black currant.

Close View Hemp Seeds Arbor Vita8


This entry level finisher is happy growing in any region.

Feminized Hemp Seeds Close View Arbor Vita8


A late level finisher that can help soothe joints and muscles.

Close View With Visible Hairs And Trichromes Of Cannabis Plant Arbor Vita8


Bringing to mind freshly opened tennis balls and orange peel, key aromas are underscored with chocolate and cherries jubilee.

Feminized Hemp Seeds Close View Arbor Vita8


Having an aroma that uplifts and relaxes, you’ll smell a combination of earthy and citrus with flavors that mix lemon with the woods.

Close View With Visible Hairs And Trichromes Of Cannabis Plant Arbor Vita8

Early Spectrum

A prolific producer, flavors combine fruity notes ranging from lemon to blueberry.

Feminized Hemp Seeds Close View Arbor Vita8

Rich Wife

Growing well in all regions, you’ll taste and smell hints of sweet cherry mixed with black pepper and cheese.

Feminized Hemp Seeds Close View Arbor Vita8

Jeffe Sessions

Known to lift away stress and tension, this strain leans toward more floral tastes.

Feminized Hemp Seeds And Seedlings Arbor Vita8


Leaning toward a more earthy-citrus profile, it’s helpful when in need of a good night’s sleep.

Cannabis Plants In Field During Daylight Arbor Vita8

Putin’s Problem

An indica dominant exotic strain perfect for full term and early finishers.

Close View Of Budding Cannabis Plant Arbor Vita8

Stormy Daniels

A balanced combination of feminine fragrance with a pungent punch, this fiery indica strain can invigorate the body.

Close View Feminized Hemp Seeds On White Background Arbor Vita8

Super B

Providing a well-balanced and controlled experience, this strain intoxicates with a woodsy and earthy flavor profile.

Blue Scoop With Soil In It On A Table With Loose Soil And Flower Pot Arbor Vita8

Prepare for Planting

Even before you plant your hemp seeds, it’s important to prepare your soil. Make sure to test its pH first. Hemp plants like soil with a pH of 6.0 to 6.5, although certain strains aren’t too picky. Next, you’ll want to till the soil and create a firm, shallow bed for planting.

Sow Your Seeds

Hemp seeds don’t have to start off in small pots. You can sow directly into the soil, at a depth of around ½ to ¾ of an inch. Space your seeds out by about four inches, and rows out by 15-30 inches.

Hemp Seeds Marijuana Leaf And Cannabis Oil Laid Out On Gray Fabric Arbor Vita8
Male Caucasian Farmer Planting Marijuana Plants In Soil Arbor Vita8

Watch Them Grow

Hemp seeds take about 5-10 days to peek through the soil. From there, you’ve got another 8-16 weeks until the hemp plants reach maturity. Providing the plants with plenty of water is essential in the first six weeks when they’re at their most sensitive.


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With an extensive variety of seeds, Arbor Vita8 has everything a hemp farmer needs to plant a sturdy crop. Engineered alongside our partner scientists, our feminized hemp seeds grow into the very best plants. Check out our hemp seed inventory and find your perfect genetics. Then, let Arbor Vita8’s seed-to-sale collection of services help guide you through growing, harvesting, and processing your hemp crop. Our goal is to support you from the seeds you pick all the way through to selling your final product to manufacturers.

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