Wholesale Isolate

When you’re looking for a wholly pure hemp compound to add to your products, you need an isolate. This odorless and tasteless compound is really the peak of quality in hemp, but only if you start with the right genetics and take proper care during the extraction and refinement process. We do just that at Arbor Vita8, putting our expertise to work to create superior wholesale isolate that’s ready to enhance any number of products on the market today.


What is Isolate?

Isolate is the most refined compound for any cannabinoid. It’s so pure, it often shifts from an oil into a powder that has no taste or smell. Typically, you’re looking at a compound that’s 99 percent pure.

To get to this stage, processing is just a bit more labor intensive. First, during extraction, excess active compounds are removed. Then, additional refinement takes place to separate out any lingering cannabinoids and other unwanted plant material. What you’re left with is the single cannabinoid you want to shine through in your products, ready to use.

Hemp Isolate Slabs

Our Isolate Products

At Arbor Vita8, we understand that wholesale isolate has a lot of potential. You can use it in edibles, topicals, tinctures and more. We take extra care in crafting isolate for each of the major cannabinoids to ensure we’re passing along a quality product to manufacturers. 


CBC Isolate

A light yellow-amber, semi-viscous liquid, CBC isolate is pure cannabichromene. It’s a great additive to skincare products because of its potential anti-inflammatory properties. You may find CBC acne topicals and CBC creams already out there.

clean cbd API isolate Arbor Vita8

CBD Isolate

A white powder, CBD isolate is the cannabinoid in the highest demand. Its degree of purity makes it easy to dose accurately and measure out to add to products. Because it has no flavor or smell, CBD isolate really is ideal to add to almost any consumer product.


CBG Isolate

White, with a slightly iridescent sheet, CBG isolate is also in powder form. It works quite well when added to ingestible products and topical solutions. This is because of the compound’s potential to serve as an antimicrobial and digestive.


CBN Isolate

A medium-pink color, with a crystalline consistency, CBN isolate is a popular additive to sleep formulas because users have noticed a correlation between CBN and getting a restful night’s sleep. Being very easy to work with, CBN isolate is also often added to smoothies, beverages, and food items.


Wholesale Isolate at Arbor Vita8

Creating a product as pure as a wholesale isolate takes a lot of experience and the right equipment. At Arbor Vita8 we combine both to make superior isolates that highlight each of the major cannabinoids. This allows us to offer up the compounds manufacturers are looking for when it comes to quality.

We start early on in the process, working with farmers to ensure the best genetics are chosen, the right methods are in place for cultivation and harvest, and every step during processing is handled with care and attention. From seed-to-sale, we’re here to partner with you to create the best isolate out there.

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