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There are two parts to every hemp extraction — the in-demand compound you’re asking for, and everything else that comes from this rich and amazing plant. While some treat what’s left as unwanted, it’s not necessarily the case at every stage of refinement.

Arbor Vita8 is dedicated to using as much of the hemp plant, and its cannabinoids, terpenes, and more, as possible.

What is Mother Liquor

When creating an isolate, you only want one cannabinoid. You get it in its purest form, leaving behind all the other valuable compounds in hemp. Mother Liquor is the result. A typical CBD Mother Liquor distillate is 50% cannabinoids. This includes CBD, CBG, CNB, CBC, and THC. That’s a lot of useful material in what’s considered a byproduct.


What Can You Do with Wholesale Mother Liquor?

Mother Liquor is full of good stuff and offers up plenty of potential. While its combination can start off too ‘hot’ because of the levels of THC present,  Mother Liquor can easily get remediated into a distillate. From there, it’s a viable candidate for vape cartridges, since it’s crystal-resistant, or edibles, because of its rich minor cannabinoid content.

Arbor Vita sells Mother Liquor by the kilogram. With legal levels of THC, it’s ready to use in whatever next step you’ve got planned to create in-demand, hemp-derived products.

Boost Your Profits with Wholesale Mother Liquor

With the diversity hemp offers manufacturers and sellers of consumer products, you may be thinking, do I really need to add wholesale mother liquor to my supply list? The answer, of course, is yes. It’s the variety hemp offers consumers that help make it such a popular product, so the more variance you have, the better. 

Mother Liquor is especially valuable because it enables you to avoid waste. Rather than dispose of the cannabinoids not used when creating an isolate, you use them. You’re getting more out of a single hemp crop, bringing in the potential to boost profits with low overhead. You’re already producing Mother Liquor. Incorporate it.

Additionally, because it incorporates so well into high-demand products like vape cartridges and edibles, having access to high-quality, wholesale Mother Liquor is yet another way to make the hemp-derived products consumers want.


Wholesale Mother Liquor for Your Production Needs

Mother Liquor is relatively new, and since it’s the byproduct of CBD isolate, you want to make sure it’s handled with care. Even as a secondary product, you can’t ignore its composition or quality. First and foremost, you don’t want to get duped into buying Mother Liquor with THC levels that are too high to make it legal to use. Secondly, you want to feel confident you know the exact composition of the Mother Liquor you’re purchasing since it is a mix of leftover compounds.

As a trusted wholesaler, Arbor Vita8 has you covered. Prioritizing quality in everything we do, we provide superior extracts and top-end services from seed to sale. At any stage of hemp processing, we’re here for you with the best resources and equipment. Let us be your partner in wholesale mother liquor for your production needs.

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