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It may seem like an odd combination — nanotechnology and hemp — but surprisingly, the two go together really well. When you’re considering selling a hemp-derived product that offers the potential for higher absorption rates, think nano.

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How Nanotechnology is Used in Hemp Extracts

Right now, the buzz is all about nano CBD. This is primarily because CBD continues to be the most popular cannabinoid consumers want. Other hemp products featuring nanotechnology are sure to follow, especially as consumers share their positive experiences with nano products.

Using nanotechnology with CBD means transforming the cannabinoid into particles that are so small they’re more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. This means a smaller dose of nano CBD could provide better results than taking CBD in its regular-sized particles.

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Why nano CBD Is different

Regular CBD and nano CBD actually have different properties. Regular CBD is not soluble in water. This means our bodies, which are primarily water, can have trouble absorbing the compound fully. When taken down to nanoparticles, CBD changes. At this size, CBD attaches to water more easily, which may allow for faster and easier absorption by our bodies. This leads to a more effective product.


Our Nano Products

Because the process for creating nano particles out of hemp extracts is the same no matter which cannabinoid you’re concentrating on, Arbor Vita8 is able to create any nano hemp extract you may have need for. All products are by request only, and availability will dictate what requests we are able to fill quickly.

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Nano CBD

Potentially one of the most efficient ways to deliver CBD to the body, nano CBD has consumers very interested. If you’re already taking CBD and have experienced positive effects on issues like headaches, inflammation, or even anxiety, with nano CBD that relief may come even faster.

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Nanotechnology and the other primary cannabinoids

Nano hemp oil featuring CBC, CBG, CBN, and even D8 and D10 are all potential products that can be made. Like with nano CBD, using these other cannabinoids in nano form may increase the speed at which you can absorb the compounds. This may lead to a more effective experience with the products, as well as a more potent product.

Benefits of Nanotechnology in Hemp Extracts

One of the key benefits proposed by nano CBD is the product’s bioavailability. This is the rate at which CBD enters the bloodstream. As nanoparticles, it happens faster, allowing consumers to feel any potential benefits quicker and more effectively. Additionally, nano CBD gets to skip getting digested in your gut before heading into your bloodstream. This decreases the risk of the stomach breaking down the CBD and destroying the compound all together.

Nano CBD also offers an alternative to smoking hemp flower. While it’s completely legal to make hemp, it’s impossible to tell the difference between it and an actual joint when you’re smoking it. However, people who smoke do so because it enables the cannabinoid to get quickly absorbed through the lungs. Nano CBD may provide an equally fast absorption rate without requiring consumers to have to smoke their CBD.


Wholesale Nano Hemp Extracts at Arbor Vita8

Putting extra care into everything we do, even when using nanotechnology, Arbor Vita8 produces super products. Our industry experience and knowledge is second-to-none, and we stay on top of the latest developments to ensure you have access to what’s the most cutting edge.

If you’re interested in nano CBD, or just want to learn more about our entire array of seed-to-sale services, reach out today. 

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