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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Isolate

At Arbor Vita8, creating superior hemp products is our passion. This includes everything from distilled compounds to consumer products. For pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and compounding labs, AV8 is proud to offer our API isolate powder. This is the highest grade isolate available today, one that will set your products apart from the rest.

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What API Isolate is...

API isolate is made after all the hemp plant matter is removed from the compound. This includes oils, waxes, chlorophyll, and more. The result is a CBD powder that’s nearly chemically pure, and up to 20 times more valuable than regular-use CBD isolate in certain applications.

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Why API is important

Being able to categorize a product as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, or API, means you’re getting some of the highest-grade isolate possible. The manufacturing process is more rigorous and higher standards are set at every stage. Additionally, API certified isolate ensures a level of quality in pharmaceutical products that one typically expects from the medications they’re taking.

/   How Isolate is Made

How API Isolate Gets Made

API Isolate Labs Arbor Vita8

Creating API isolate occurs in much the same way standard isolate gets manufactured, with a few slight differences.

  • Standard operating procedures are more tightly defined.
  • Documentation related to manufacturing is more detailed.
  • More manufacturing checkpoints in the process require a sign-off to move forward.

What you’re left with, after this careful and intense process, is pure, crystalline, flavorless, pharmaceutical-grade isolate powder that’s more than 99% pure.

Where to find API Isolate

API isolate has applications within food, beverage, nutraceutical, and medicinal products. Since there aren’t many API-certified labs currently running, it’s often harder to find than standard isolate, but well worth the investment. Manufacturers can use it* to ensure only the highest-quality isolate is going into their products. It’s also an ingredient you may find available through compounding labs for an added boost in quality.


*Access to products with API isolate as an ingredient is through a prescription only. This is not an over-the-counter hemp compound.

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Finding the best of the best...

Already top-of-the-line when it comes to quality, API isolate from Arbor Vita8 stands above the competition thanks to our experienced and knowledgeable team. The care they put into the creation of every hemp-derived compound is without match. You’ll notice a difference when you check out our products. To learn more about our API isolate, and any other of our wholesale hemp extracts, contact Arbor Vita8 today.

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