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Getting ready to plant a hemp crop means it’s time to think about seeds. When it comes to wholesale hemp seeds, you really want to know what you’re getting in every batch. This means working with a wholesaler who can give you full information on the genetics you’re about to buy. At Arbor Vita8, we understand the risk of planting hemp seeds that don’t come from a reliable source, and put our expertise and experience to work to ensure that doesn’t happen. We work with the best wholesalers to provide you with a competitive advantage when it comes to getting your crop started.


What are Hemp Seeds?

Hemp seeds are an interesting piece of the plant. Yes, you plant them, but hemp seeds are technically nuts. This means hemp seeds have the capacity to pull double-duty. You can grow an entire hemp crop from them, but you can also eat them.

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Our Bulk Hemp Seed Product

Buying bulk hemp seeds from Arbor Vita8 immediately means you can trust the information you’re being given about the genetics and the performance of your seeds. We work tirelessly with our own scientists to produce feminized hemp seeds in a variety of strains for your use. Most of our seeds historically test low in THC quantities and high in cannabinoids like CBD.


Hemp Seed Genetics

Hemp seed genetics are all about the parents of any particular strain and the traits they’re known for. Using this information to ‘marry’ the right pair, you can grow plants that yield higher quantities of certain cannabinoids. It also increases your chance of having hearty plants with the right set of traits to survive in your climate.

As advances in custom genetics are made, you may even start to see plants that let the more minor cannabinoids shine.

When you pick the right hemp seeds it can lead to successful cannabinoid extraction for whatever you’re looking for. Though some come naturally from plants, others require a little extra work to produce.

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Collecting CBC

Obtained with the help of some heat, cannabichromene, or CBC, is sometimes hard to collect in large quantities. This is why you need the genetic background of your wholesale hemp seeds. It is possible to find strains that naturally yield more CBC than normal.

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Collecting CBD

The most popular and plentiful cannabinoid, cannabidiol, or CBD, comes out during the extraction process in relatively large amounts. From there, the compound can go on to create a variety of products, from tinctures to balms, gummies to infused beverages.

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Collecting CBG

Also available in limited quantities is cannabigerol, or CBG. Known as the ‘mother of all cannabinoids’ CBG is an essential building block for compounds like THC and CBD. It also may have beneficial properties when standing on its own.

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Taking a different route to generation than its cannabinoid cousins, cannabinol, or CBN, only emerges from hemp plants after the natural THC in the plant is exposed to heat and light. This process breaks down the THC, transforming it into CBN, which is then ready to extract. Because this all happens after cultivation, finding hemp seeds that naturally contain higher levels of THC may make it easier to up the production of CBN as well.

Benefits of Hemp Seeds

Planting with hemp seeds provides you with the advantage of genetic control. If you’ve got two separate strains that produce positive traits, why not combine them and get the ‘perfect’ hemp seed? The ability to pick parent plants, and experiment with new strains, is a far-reaching benefit of planting with hemp seeds.

There’s also more reliability in the growth of the plant. Since you’re starting from scratch, seeds can go directly into the ground to begin their growing process. Seedlings or clones must spend some of their time growing inside, and there’s no guarantee they’ll take to your soil once you can plant them.

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Other uses for Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are actually a complete source of protein along with being high in fiber, amino acids, and omega fats. They’re a great source of a variety of vitamins and minerals as well, from calcium to potassium. That means hemp seeds pack a nutritious punch. If you’re not planting them, considering processing them for use as food.

You can find hemp seeds sprinkled on a salad, used as an ingredient in granola, or even mixed into a smoothie. The recipes are endless, but however you eat them, they’ll add a nutritious element to your next meal or snack.


Wholesale Hemp Seeds at Arbor Vita8

When it comes to hemp seeds, quality is very important. At Arbor Vita8, we have the right partners to ensure you’re getting superior seeds every time you’re ready to plant. We start with the best genetics, test everything, and make recommendations on which strains we think will survive the best in your climate. Our team’s experience and knowledge gets passed on to you to help select the best seeds for your next crop. Our attention-to-detail and commitment to customer service can’t be beat.

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