While many people enjoy CBD products they can take as-is, there’s a growing market for CBD you can add into things like food and beverages. This is where water-compatible CBD comes in. As a liquid, it’s meant to enhance what you eat and drink without changing the flavor or color.

At Arbor Vita8, we use our skills and expertise to provide you with the best water-compatibile CBD. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensures a superior product for consumers to add to their favorite foods, smoothies, and other beverages.


What is Water-Compatible CBD?

For those looking to experience the potential benefits of CBD in an easy and convenient way, water-compatible CBD is the solution. It mixes especially well with liquids for the discreet addition to everything from your morning coffee to a fruit smoothie to your afternoon soda. You can even add it to your favorite flavored water without clouding up the beverage.

Water-compatible drops mix easily into your everyday menu so you can add CBD into your daily diet.

CBD Cannabis Oil Supplement And Vitamin Serum
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How We Make Water-Compatible CBD

Traditional CBD drops are oil-based, which means they won’t mix with water. This makes it hard to add to drinks, but also to food. Water-compatible mixes without issue, and is easier for your body to absorb. You won’t lose any effects of the CBD when ingesting it with what you’re eating and drinking.

To create water-compatible CBD, Arbor Vita8 has its own proprietary method, but the general process involves first transforming it into nanoparticles. These tiny CBD pieces are then most commonly combined with an emulsifier and a carrier oil. When all the components come together, you have a water-compatible product.


Water-Compatible Vs. Water-Soluble

While you may see some hemp products advertised as water-soluble, this is actually incorrect. Since hemp extracts are an oil, they cannot effectively mix with water. They’re not water-soluble.

What hemp oils are instead is water-compatible because it’s possible to create a mixture that dissolves fully in water, but with a little help. Water-soluble compounds separate into individual molecules when mixed together. But, to achieve a mixture with a water-compatible compound, you must rely on the dispersion of droplets.

The best way to do this is by getting the droplets down to the right size. They need to be small and nanotechnology helps make that possible. A nano emulsion ensures your hemp mixture is clear, stable, and perfectly infused.


Water-Compatible Products

Water-compatible CBD completely dissolves in water and other liquids; meaning increased bioavailability or absorption into the body.

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Water-Compatible Flake

In flake form, water-compatible CBD from Arbor Vita8 looks more like a paste when fully homogenized. It must be frozen to preserve freshness, but stays good for up to three years. It mixes best with baked goods and other treats like gummies, chocolates, cookies, and more since you can add it during the preparation of the food item.

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Water-Compatible Syrup

In its liquid form, water-compatible CBD from Arbor Vita8 is more like a syrup. You can dispense it in small doses from a dropper to enhance topicals, tinctures, and beverages. The shelf life in this form is about 18 months.

Benefits & Uses of Water-Compatible

The consumer experience, when using water-compatible CBD, will most likely be the same as when using other CBD products. The potential benefits are unique to each user, but many report CBD aids in reducing anxiety, pain, and inflammation. What’s different about adding water-compatible CBD to other products is that you can be certain of the dosage. You’re not working with a pre-mixed product and can carefully monitor what you’re ingesting.

Water-compatible CBD may also absorb faster into your system when compared to other product types. Additionally, it’s a discreet and convenient way to ingest CBD throughout the day. You can carry it with you, and easily mix it into your drink or meal even when you’re out.

CBD Cannabis Oil Supplement And Vitamin Serum


The greatest benefit, all around, to using water-compatible hemp extracts revolves around the concept of bioavailability. This is the rate at which the body absorbs a substance. When a product has a higher bioavailability, the body absorbs it faster, and water-soluble products often achieve that. If consumers can experience more from a single dose of water-compatible CBD,  it may prove a more cost effective option all around.


Wholesale Water-Compatible CBD at Arbor Vita8

There’s a lot of market potential for water-compatible cannabinoids, so it’s no surprise these options are becoming more popular for consumers. At Arbor Vita8, we strive to offer a superior product that ensures consumers have access to quality CBD no matter what form it’s in. Our line of water-compatible hemp extracts will stand above the rest, giving consumers an easy and discreet alternative to incorporating CBD into their daily routine.

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