Why CBD Doses are More Accurate with Nano

Nano cannabinoids are still the same as “regular” sized cannabinoids when you’re talking about their properties. If you feel a particular effect every time you use a CBD tincture, you’ll probably have the same experience if you go nano.

The differences occur at the molecular level. This is where cannabinoid extracts go from an oil to a water-compatible molecule. However, size is only one of the things that makes nano hemp so useful. Its composition also makes it easier to get dosage just right.

Tiny molecules break through faster

A lot happens to a cannabinoid after it enters your body. You have to ingest it and digest it,. This not only takes time, but also provides ample opportunity for the cannabinoid to start to break down before it gets to your bloodstream.

This can impact the potency of the dose you take. It also means the dose you digest is potentially different than the one you actually took.

Once you shrink cannabinoids down to their nano size, the molecules no longer have to go through your entire digestive tract before they’re absorbed into your bloodstream. They’re even tiny enough to pass through cell membranes, entering your bloodstream even before they reach your stomach.

This ability protects them from digestive acids and other bodily chemicals breaking down and weakening the cannabinoids. It helps to ensure that the dose you take is almost exactly the dose you feel.

Heightened bioavailability is better

The ability for nano cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream faster is called bioavailability. The term itself refers to the proportion of a substance that enters into circulation inside the body. Since nano begins making its way into your bloodstream immediately, it’s more bioavailable than regular sized hemp.

The biggest positive of a higher bioavailability is two fold. It means the substance, in this case CBD or another cannabinoid, can take effect faster. It also means you may have a more potent experience. However, nano is new, and research continues. It may be that nano hemp does the same for many consumers as taking a larger dose of cannabinoid molecules at their original size. But, doing that would mean having to buy more to feel the same way, while also losing out on having a cannabinoid that can mix with water.

The compatibility of nano with water

Even if you don’t need nano to have the experience you want with a cannabinoid, again, the smaller molecules have their benefits. Being water-compatible, nano can do something that a regular hemp extract cannot — it can mix with water.

This means you can add nano products to any food or beverage, confident it will fully mix. Clear liquids won’t turn cloudy, and you’ll be able to enjoy the cannabinoid of your choice discreetly all day long.

Traditional hemp extracts are oil-based. Oil does not mix with water. You cannot add a CBD tincture to your favorite flavor of carbonated water and expect a clear beverage in return. In fact, mixing hemp oil with certain liquids will only draw more attention to the hemp itself.

For discretion, and a wider array of product options, nano is the way to go.

Get the very best nano out there

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