CBD is great for your pet. It can also provide them with a host of benefits similar to the way it impacts humans. We at Arbor Vita8 even have a section of our shop catalog dedicated to bringing relief to our furry friends. But it’s important to note that not all cannabinoids are equal in this regard. In fact, giving your pets THC can actually be a detriment to their well being.

There are a ton of contributing factors, which our good friend Riley Kirk, PhD also discusses in this latest clip. Read on to learn more!

THC Vs CBD for pets

“Here’s why its not recommended for you to give your dogs high THC Cannabis:

Thankfully, THC is likely non lethal to your pet. Even smaller amounts could have a possible positive effect. Like Riley, we advocate speaking to your vet and getting their okay before letting your pet ingest any. On the other hand, with the proper quality control, CBD is always a safe bet .

Quality Products For Your Pet From Arbor Vita8

As always, we’d like to thank Riley for her informed contributions! Also, be sure to like, follow, and comment on her channel. It’s chock full of detailed, valuable information about our favorite plant.

Looking for quality CBD Products for your pets? Look no further! Arbor Vita8 has a catalog full of strong, and also delicious options for your good boy or girl. Check out the selection on our shop page, here. For any other hemp inquiries, head on over to our contact page. You can schedule a consultation with us in a few easy steps.

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